Guanacaste Artists and Hidden Garden Art Gallery: Guanacaste is an extraordinary province of Costa Rica, where the mangroves meet the oceans, and the jungles reach the sandy beaches. It’s a land full of lush biodiversity, where the local people have uniquely captivating folklore and traditions. When taking a scenic drive, you will see magnificent landscapes, encounter cattle or oxen working the fields, visit marketplaces and soak in the culture. Or perhaps you will go snorkeling or diving to experience the underwater world beneath us.

Guanacaste Artists pay tribute
to the region and its people.

Local artists pay tribute to the region and its people by painting and sculpting these many sights and scenes. Their flair and ability to capture the essence of the country allows viewers to embark on a journey through the artists’ eyes and souls. The magnificent splendor of this northwestern province of Costa Rica and its people naturally lends itself to a perfect harmony of colors on canvases, and many artists find a never-ending source of inspiration.


A selection of Hidden Garden Art Gallery’s current sculpture collection

But where are all these works of art? For many years, Guanacaste lacked a place to showcase the artists that capture this splendid land. However, in 2010, a fine art gallery opened just 5km from the Liberia airport. Today, the Hidden Garden Art Gallery is where the careers of professional, well-established and emerging artists are followed, and where students are provided an opportunity to experience visual arts, learn about art and artists, and increase their ability to express themselves creatively.

Other Howler Artist Spotlight

Multimedia Artist: Otto Apuy
Art and Architecture: Juan Carlos Camacho
Sculptor: David Villalobos
Painter and Dancer: Rebeca Alvarado Soto

“This is definitely a big change for the region, to have such a space dedicated to the arts,” said resident artist Carlos Hiller, whose career began with painting tranquil imagery of the dense rain forests and jungles of Costa Rica, then later plunged into the sea and marveled at the beauty of the Guanacaste waters. Now known for his captivating underwater scenes, Hiller was instrumental in founding the Hidden Garden Art Gallery, whose mission is to explore and expand culture and arts in Guanacaste.

Whether it’s the tropical surroundings, the magnificent seaside sunset, or the characteristics of the Guanacastecan people you encounter, this stimulating region is waiting for you. With more than 60 local and international artists, the Hidden Garden Art Gallery embodies the best of Costa Rica, expressed through art.  Stop in for a visit and enjoy the view!


Hidden Garden Art Gallery offers a beautiful environment to enjoy fine art.

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