With the new influx of people into Costa Rica also come the new experts on living here and how to traverse the difficulties. I have to sit back and just either laugh or pound my head with the amount of advice being given online by newbies. 


It is not hard to move here, but what is sometimes difficult is living here within the structures of the country’s rules and laws — that is, while trying to impose the laws, customs and rules from your home country. Don’t be a fool … Costa Rica’s rules and laws will not change for you.


Recently, I ran into a gentleman who moved here from Colorado six months ago. In listening to his conversation, I was shocked at what an expert he professed to be on the law, including how to get around issues like building and water permits by paying graft. Further into the discussion,  he described an incident in which he paid off traffic police. It became very obvious that this man is now a target of the police, knowing they can get 20,000 colones everytime they pull him over. He said he gets stopped at least twice a month.


He and I had said “hello” earlier and exchanged cards. After listening to the advice he was giving to a tourist I had to interject. The paying of bribes is a criminal offense here in Costa Rica, and if caught the person could face the legal consequences. Well at this point, he decided that I was negative. I just had to laugh and wish him luck in life.


There are so many incidents that exist here, as described above. In a country that is so-called emerging, these types of issues tend to hold back progress, making graft payments the only way to go forward. 


I think the experts on FaceBook are the ones who really get me. I read the feeds and very rarely comment. I have seen comments about shipping pets here that are horribly botched and riddled with wrong information. 


I guess Facebook is now a big part of how many people do due diligence. Ummm … 


My suggestion is to travel here and talk with people personally. See the different areas of Costa Rica yourself — explore and investigate. Doing the proper research can save you lots of pain and money. 


Keep in mind that just because someone lives here doesn’t mean that they know how to live here. There continues to be a big influx of people in 2022. This new group of experts has made their mark here very notable. 


Progress is good, but at what cost is the progress being made? Is the quiet beach you visit now full of people, and the trash they leave behind? 


The world shutdown has helped to cause this situation. People want to be free and not locked up anymore. We have to adjust our old ways and realize that we are in the midst of a world full of people needing to travel. And Costa Rica is here for your adventure.


Tell me, do you use Facebook as your due diligence? 


Pura vida. You are the one who can make it such.

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