Social media is anything but social.

As our advancements in technology accrue, are we sacrificing the regional cultures of the world?

I remember when visiting Mexico years ago, you would rarely see cell phones used by the locals. However, every shanty shack had a satellite hookup for television. The next year on my yearly trek, all of a sudden everyone had cell phones.

The cultures of Latin America run deep in its indigenous tribes, art, food and dance. Today you see the young people with their faces in their cell phones and they hardly look up to see if there is traffic when crossing a street.

This is not just a case in Latin America, it is worldwide. The fear of the new generation not embracing the culture and heritage that built their society is real. Technology, while improving our lives, also ruins the base that we are founded upon.

The social nature of people is being lost. We are relying more and more on the gadgets that are supposedly making our lives easier. Have you ever sat in a restaurant and seen everyone at the  table texting or doing searches with their phones? It’s sad that communication has evolved to our gadgets, rather than a smile, hello and good conversation. 

The art of just simple chatting is being lost. Social media is anything but social. The brag factor of where you are, what you are eating or buying has taken control. Influencers!

How do we gain control of our social lives again? Can you even leave a cell phone without picking it up every few minutes? Do a test and see how long you can go without picking up your cell phone to see if someone has liked your comment or texted you. Is it really that important that you spend half your day with noses stuck in a phone or an electronic device?

We have been locked down for over a year, and out of necessity resorted to Zoom meetings not only for work purposes but also for personal contact. How do we pull ourselves out of the shutdown and begin engaging people once again?

I made the statement early in the shutdown that it would be hard to get people out of the new comfort level that they have within their own environment. We have to start getting out and making the world move once again with normality. 

Going back to our cultures: how do we keep the new generation interested in their past so that they relate to the history that made them? Facebook and Instagram are not promoting society, they are promoting self-nature. The history that has made all of our cultures is wildly important and needs to be taught, passed on and celebrated. 

We need to see kids out playing again and learning how to work in teams rather than self-reliance. 


When I visited many foreign countries, it was so interesting to see how the town square would fill up in the evening with people socializing. La Ramblas in Barcelona was packed with strollers out enjoying the company of others.

We need to regain this to keep moving forward with a healthy society.

Try turning your phone and computer off for a full day. Regain your life from the electronics that are currently controlling you.

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