May 2021, our 25th anniversary month, was record-breaking for views and interactions with Howler readers as well as our sponsoring partners.

It is no easy achievement to reach a milestone of 25 years! Having the support of our sponsoring partners and readers has made this possible. 

Our website hits have gone up exponentially and are reflected by the times and number of pages the readers are interacting with us. This is exciting to see as the numbers increase every day. The first thing I do in the morning after my coffee is to check the statistics. It’s nice to see that readers all over the world are enjoying the content and sending us such nice messages.

Along with that, I have received many messages from publishers of notable magazines, media companies, and celebrities about our achievement. Kind words of encouragement to keep moving forward and give good content to engage the readers. 

Our readers are what makes us. We work very hard to provide content that is interesting and usable. 

Howler’s sources for media are very broad and reach many. Our readership demographics cover the age range 35 and older, with the majority 55 and older. This is the group of people looking for options to travel, as well as retire and move to a safe and lovely place like Costa Rica. 

Our increased audience interaction has come from a combination of rebranding as HOWLER INTERNATIONAL this last month, along with our new YouTube channel HOWLER TV.  Plus the AUDIOVISUAL edition!

We are taking every article and turning it into an audiovisual format. Readers can relax and have the full article read to them with engaging pictures and film clips. Many of these articles will be produced in Spanish and some in French. We want to include everyone. The world is yearning for good content. Many around the world have learned in recent years that they can live and work almost anywhere. We are showing them the beauty of Costa Rica and a mapped plan of how to achieve this.

We are also geographically marketing to the U.S., Canada, and parts of Europe. We pick out particular articles that have interest and target them to those regions.

Our YouTube channel is getting off the ground. I believe this will be a big force in creating new engaged audiences. In the past 30 days, we have put up over 100 articles and videos covering many topics. Of course, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great tools and are very necessary along with the ever-important video market. 

There is no one silver bullet for us to reach readers. With the ammunition we have and our ever-growing and creative concepts, we reach readership on many different levels. 

We are ever-evolving and very active with our reach to the world. I have seen some communities that are so engaged in one form of advertising that it seems they are just marketing to their neighbors. It is important to tell the world about you.

Costa Rica remains in the top ranks of desirable places to retire. This equates to contacts for our sponsors with increased travel in Costa Rica, and also interest in property investment. 

Our plan to produce a film series in Costa Rica is coming together. This is another tool that will keep the interest level of Costa Rica in the world’s view. As this project progresses, we will be putting together giveaway vacations and the chance to be a part of the production. This is very exciting and the content produced will be very high-quality. Stay tuned – it’s coming soon!

All of these tools are being implemented to engage and keep the buzz going about Costa Rica. HOWLER INTERNATIONAL remains the loudest voice in the forest.

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Hear the editorial: French

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