James Foxx is a passionate Costa Rican soul whose Tico birth name is Jaime Abarca. From the time he was very young, his friends and family have called him James; then, over the course of his life he added “foxx” for inspiration on all of his journeys.

Since James was a little boy, his dream has always been to live at the beach. With that comes his dedication to good causes and to what most motivates him, namely a vibrant and healthy lifestyle, music and the art of photography, videography and digital art.

“Photography has always been one of my many passions,” James told us. “Since I consider myself a multifaceted person, I did not dedicate myself to this full-time until a few years back when I started traveling. So outdoor photography is what calls my attention the most — animals and nature.” 

It was also a perfect fit with his other aspirations, James adds. “The beach, surf and surf photography have always been a huge interest in my life, and a dream that I needed to fulfill. It happened right in the beautiful Nosara area.”

Most of his life, James has also been devoted to travel and to the study of natural and holistic therapies such as reiki, yoga, and acupressure.

In addition to his photography business and during his free time, James currently serves as a volunteer for his local firefighter and lifeguard department, the Bomberos de Nosara.

James is pleased to share with Howler readers this collection of favorite images, each from his artistic perspective.

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