Things are beginning to change in Costa Rica. The government has issued new requirements to enter the country and the light is starting to shine through. It will get easier as we progress.


Businesses have started to roll out the sidewalks and the buzz of getting ready for tourist season is evident. Slowly, more nationals have been making it to the country’s beach communities. And now with the airports allowing foreign visitors to enter, international tourism can begin revitalizing. 


It really feels good to see this. Of course, it is sad that recent economic hardships have been too severe for many businesses to reopen. However, the evolution of new business offerings is something we can anticipate with optimism. This is a time to recreate and emerge with innovative concepts as part of the so-called new norm. 


I feel very positive about the rebound for Costa Rica’s 2020-21 tourist season. The world has been hibernating for the past five or six months. Now people are exiting their dens, ready to enjoy the sunlight, the beaches, the fresh air and the pura vida that Costa Rica offers.


Nature has had an uninterrupted rest during this same extended period. I am sure the rest has done wonders that we have not been aware of on the surface. This rebirth of nature will prove to be an unforeseen benefit of our normal human existence being interrupted for such a long spell. 


Meanwhile, Howler has remained a source of great articles promoting this wonderful country. We never stopped striving to bring the world to Costa Rica. Even though it has been a very tough endeavor to remain in business, I know the future is very bright. 


We have received many emails from readers thanking us for continuing. I appreciate hearing from you and knowing that we are well received and shared with others. This applies to our e-magazines and also our social media platforms, which have been bustling with activity. These engagements with tourists provide every indication of the plans they are making for escape to our paradise. 


As we move forward with the reopening of Costa Rica, I anticipate a boom from people just waiting to be here as soon as they can. These people around the world have been inundated with information and have interacted. In fact, I’m aware of instances where realtors have sold properties here to overseas buyers, sight unseen.


The new Flamingo Marina is coming along well. I am sure that the lighter than usual traffic has helped this major construction project move smoothly. We look forward to the marina’s economic impact on the region.


The Jacó area has been very supportive of the efforts that Kelly Norris has made on Howler’s behalf. The community has been so wonderful to work with. From the wide-ranging subjects and sources of content in our regional Jacó section of our e-magazine, you see many examples of how they come together to make things happen in a very positive way. 


Tamarindo and other communities in the Gold Coast region have been harder hit than Jacó because of the relatively limited visitor accessibility. The distance from San José makes it harder to get here. But the level of active involvement and community support in the Tamarindo area to take care of those in need has been encouraging.


Tough times like this really do bring communities together. We all benefit from sharing and caring.


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