Waves You’ve Missed

Waves You’ve Missed

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Swell season is fast approaching, and the Pacific coast is already getting glimpses of it. There was a nice string of south swells with some hints of west that lit up the Central Pacific coastline with consistent chest-to head-high-plus waves.

Surfers in Playa Jacó enjoyed glassy morning conditions up and down the peaky beach break. While this zone is often surfable on all tides, the best surf is typically enjoyed closer to the mid-to high tide.

Mid-March blessed Avellenas with two sizeable south swells within a week of one another. The morning of March 21 presented the ideal swell and wind direction, as well as tide for the Avellenas river mouth.

The crowd was surprisingly thin, but full of good vibes and total surf stoke filled this portion of the sea. While the sets were a bit lully, there were plenty of waves for everyone to share. The outside set waves were a foot or two overhead and those who were patient were rewarded with an exhilarating drop and a long open ride.