Many film buffs of a certain age will likely remember these famous lines of dialog from the classic comedy “Groundhog Day”.

Ned: Phil? Hey, Phil? Phil! Phil Connors? Phil Connors, I thought that was you!

Phil: Hi, how you doing? Thanks for watching.

Ned: Hey, hey! Now, don’t you tell me you don’t remember me because I sure as heckfire remember you.

Phil: Not a chance.

Ned: Ned… Ryerson.

Ned’s character in this movie, as you may recall, is a life insurance agent. So for a moment, allow me to be Ned in writing some words about life insurance.

Now it may not be true that you can never have too much life insurance, but it is something worth thinking about. Many people who had life insurance insurance before they lived in Costa Rica may be surprised to learn it has been canceled — or should have been canceled — when they moved here. For the rest of us, death is likely something we never think about because … well, we are indestructible.

Many life insurance options are available. My favorite is a program that provides for all the premiums to be returned to you at the end of the term of coverage you choose.

It’s (almost) never too late to think about life insurance.