When Josh Wendel helped found Envision in one of the most idyllic venues in the world, he had one thing in mind: nothing ordinary, nothing average. He wanted to create something that would bring an audience together and open hearts and minds through inspiring individual expression and community evolution. He wanted to bring people a unique and life-changing experience of connecting with nature in a sensory, psychotropical pop-up village where each stage was designed with a purpose in mind.

Envision is a yoga and wellness festival that happens to provide a full-scale music festival. There is something for everyone and every interest — from families with little ones to devoted yogis, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, activists, artists and world wanderers.

Envision is a carefully orchestrated experience where every stage tells a story.

Sol Stage

It represents all elements of Envision Festival. If you can only go to one stage, come here and you will understand the essence of the gathering. This stage is all about the fusion. It is the most accessible stage, yet nothing about it is mainstream. Here you will find interesting, eclectic artists who are funky and local. Here is where electronic meets live music. During the day it has a beautiful communal-family fun vibe that slowly evolves into a crazy, unique late-night vibe.

Lapa Stage

This is an adult playground. The purpose of this stage is to connect with each other through the language of love and movement. Here you will see so many people communicating without even speaking. The sound of laughter blends with the contagious beats and the satisfying jungle air of freedom and liberation. There is a unique buzz of energy in Lapa, which makes it the perfect place to recharge your energy and feel blissful. Lapa is the transition in and out, to and from, and it is the only daytime stage where people stop by for an energizing dance session on their way to the beach or on their way back from an inspiring workshop. Here is also where the wellness and educational aspects of Envision meet with the live music and dance party aspects of the festival. “We want to make sure the creativity and depth of musical inspiration is represented. It is absolutely not run-of-the-mill party house. It’s deep and interesting, even for people who don’t typically operate that way,” says Wendel.

Luna Stage

This stage lights up the nights of Envision, going all out in terms of sound quality and production. Here is also where the festival gathers to watch the epic sunsets. Every night is lined up to be an experience. Here is where Envision gets the most experimental and exciting — no music lover would ever get bored. At Luna, they really want to take you on a journey, they want to make you lose yourself and spiral away into a musical and sensory trance. Wendel described this stage as “swirling flow, deep spiritual connections and celestial blast-offs.”

Children & Family Dream Oasis

This space is designed to honor the core of the festival’s vision and inspiration, which is a utopian community. Community is not possible without families, therefore Envision has gone to great lengths to provide your child (and your inner child) with the complete experience. The Family Dream Oasis hosts a variety of spaces for learning, discovery,
entertainment and play. There is also a designated quiet family campground which is a great place for a long nap, even if you are not a child.

Earth Temple or “Templo de la Tierra”

is meant to be a grounding place where you can come and connect with yourself and process what the Envision experience means to you personally. There are no programs or workshops in this temple, only a space to harness your inner wisdom. Outside this temple lies the eternal fire, which is ceremoniously lit the first night of the festival and keeps burning until the end. Sarah Wu describes the importance of fire as “the primal element of regeneration, destruction and transformation, beating in our hearts and through our blood.”

Sun and Moon Temples

These are dedicated to men and women, respectively. There are gender, identity, sexuality, health, empowerment and healing workshops in this temples that aim to bring both genders to a peaceful balance and harmony.

Eco Village Hub

This is a progressive and meaningful space where people get together to share their community models and ecological projects, and to connect with organizations. Nothing comes closer to the phrase “be the change you want to see in the world.” Here you will get to see active examples of living in harmony with our planet and meet communities seeking to connect with new members.

Comida Atipico – The Envision Cafe

Envision holds true to its sustainable values in every aspect of the festival, and food is no exception. Artisanal, organic, diverse, healthy, responsibly sourced and waste-free can accurately describe Envision’s culinary offer. There are no disposable containers, and you are supposed to bring reusable bottles for water and drinks, while containers for the food are rented for the entire weekend and then returned to be reused. Meals are affordable, delicious, good for you and probably full of flavors you have never had before.

Global Mercado

Don’t miss the chance to grab a beautiful and unique treasure from the global market. Meet the artists you are buying from and take a piece of their story home with you. The Mercado is a great opportunity to meet people from around the world and share conversation, stories and talent.