As a platform beyond the experience, Envision has opened a window on the best music from Costa Rica, Latin America and beyond. Envision made an extensive search from Mexico to Argentina, finding rhythms that transport us from the Andean jungle to the Caribbean, with musical mixtures that would make everyone dance, including diverse audiences. Envision’s commitment to Latin America made it become an exotic and unique festival for the world, adding to the cultural wealth of all who attend.

Here are some examples of the Latin American talent we will enjoy this year at Envision.

Patterns: An Indie pop band from Central America, which just released its new single, NEON, introducing an ’80s vibe & groovy sound.

La BOA: La Bogota Orquesta Afrobeat, a music ensemble from Colombia, with afro beats, cumbia and a vibe that will make you dance all night.

Matanza: A fusion of the traditional electronic house culture and electrodub with the Andean and Latin American highland cultural legacy.

Chancha Vía Circuito: Their music is a fusion where rhythms that originated in Brazil are processed. Paraguayan harps, Andean mysticism, the pampas solitude of the Argentine folklore and the spatial projection of futuristic electronic music.

Un Rojo: One of the best reggae bands in Costa Rica, they have the vibe and the roots, a must when it comes to Costa Rican Afro-Caribbean culture.

Voodoo: With a characteristic sound of ’70s rock, Voodoo, from San José, turns up the volume of its guitars and shows up with a solid rock and roll sound.

Santos & Zurdo: A psychedelic world music band with a unique fusion of groovy bass lines, Indian sitar and electronic beats.