‘Twas the night before Christmas as this kid from Jersey sat at his desk
I thought how this past year was one of the best.

My business increased as I made a lot of new friends
I know more of both is just around the bend.

I am very thankful for who I met and all I know
As many are happy as the offshore winds start to blow.

I learn so much about medical conditions and all those crazy names
I know them in English, Spanish, Latin, no two are the same.

My new best friends are Google Med and Web MD
Every day I scare myself from what I see!

Every health application has new conditions without fail
But the ones that make me queasy are the ones that aren’t male!

A year of broken bones, cancer treatments, dengue, ambulances on the ground and in the air!
But it was cool when babies are born and I am kind of there.

Many of you know my phone is answered how?
Hello, this is Phil, what happened now?

Whether it was a routine care or midnight call
We would respond and stand with you tall.

Home insurance has played a major role
Hurricanes and floods made clients happy they also have auto.

When a client hit a bandido running from the cops
He was impressed by the response and the service was tops.

As often comes up between waves in Tama’s estuary
Are the antics of Angel and Joey’s late Drop In Eddie.
(We miss you Eddie)

Cancer strikes randomly and the need for loved ones can never be clearer
I am reminded of this fact every time I look in the mirror.

Sol, Alana, Denise who is my true goddess, and of course myself
We wish the best of a new year with less night calls for help.

As we get ready to insure more casitas
We wish you all a happy new year and pura vida.