Pura Vida! This is the first in a regular Howler series of Insurance Nuggets. I hope it will be of value to some or most readers.

As you may know, not all insurance policies are alike. It’s always true that the devil is in the details. I urge all insurance clients to read their policies. Do you? Of course not! But as an insurance broker I do, and you should make sure whoever you deal with does too.

You may be surprised — or not — how many people working in an insurance company do not have their facts straight. If you are told something that is supposedly based on common sense, but does not sound correct, then it probably is not. Check your policy!

No matter what you are told over the phone or via email, check your policy to verify. Or have someone you trust point out in the policy what pertains to your particular issue.

Your insurance company should maintain in its office, as well as read and be familiar with, the policies of all the licensed health insurance companies in Costa Rica.This information should be available to you at any time. Ask for a copy.You will find it most useful reading, especially on nights when you cannot sleep.