Tony and Johan dueling guitars is one of the newest buzz groups on the scene in Guanacaste. They can only be described as a classically trained new wave flamenco band that rocks the house without ever uttering a word. They definitely let the guitars do the talking. I have seen them at a wedding and as the headliner at Wilmart every Friday at 10 pm.
As stated, the band is called ¨Tony and Johan Dueling Guitars.¨ They hail from the Spanish Basque region and actually arrived in Costa Rica and on the local circuit 3 years ago. From the moment they get going, Tony hits radical original flamenco gypsy style licks that are backed by Johan´s smooth rhythm background beats. They come off as an acoustic fusion rock that leaves you mesmerized by the sheer speed and duration of Tony’s fiery finger picking. Then they get together and start to bang out new versions of great cover song hits from old standbys like Metallica, Eagles and Skynard that put a new flamenco twist to these timeless classics. One thing is for sure: They keep the crowd engaged and moving to this unique style of guitaristas.
So if you’re looking for a fun local time that will guarantee to please and inspire awe, take a trip over to Grande at sunset some Friday and then head over to the Wilmart Jam Session for a local taste of what Grande has to offer.

Pura Vida Johnny

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