Tamarindo beach is famous for its waves breaking along the curve of the bay, offering a surf spot
for beginners and advanced. But the waves hide a beautiful world unknown to most people passing
through Tamarindo.

Let me share with you the secret of the Catalinas Islands, its beauty and magic. The “Cat’s” sits about
a 30 minute boat ride from Tamarindo. And consists of numerous volcanic rock formations,
imaginatively named by local fishermen as “Dirty rock”, “Hats” or “Breast”. My favorite is
“Elephant”, whose majestic trump can be spotted at low tide.

This wonderful landscape from the surface incites your appetite to discover its true soul. But even
before the dive begins, mother nature has much to offer during your trip: dolphins are regularly
seen playing in the wake of the boat and turtles as well, especially during mating season.
However, the star of the show is definitely the Humpback Whale singing and displaying its beauty
across the pacific ocean. To contemplate this spectacle is priceless. Remember, never hold your
breath, we are divers, and let the water take you. Breathing underwater is an indescribable feeling,
the kind of feeling you dreamt of in your childhood, everything else is a bonus! While all the
schooling fish form fantastic shapes and figures, which you can swim through, or the pretty eagle
rays dancing ballet… or what about the amazing manta rays flying around or the cute (yes they
are) white tip sharks sleeping at the bottom while some huge whale sharks enjoy the plankton rich
water and moray eels open their mouth to the local dentist, the cleaner shrimp.

This is the new world you will discover. This privilege doesn’t require anything else but a passion
for adventure, a love for nature and discovering new worlds.

You don’t have to be a certified diver to explore this wonderful place, we give you a taste of it. The
awesome pacific ocean is waiting for you, breathe, open your eyes and allow your mind to float in
this dreamland.


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