Reserva Conchal Carbon Positive Pride: Costa Rica is a country rich in history and love of the land, and that is why it is committed to being carbon neutral by 2021. This commitment to reduce emissions pervades many different areas of the world. News-making events grab headlines for being carbon neutral, from the G8 Summit, to Dave Matthews Band’s concert tour to the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. In a world with so much focus on the environment, it can be overwhelming for businesses to know where to start in reducing their carbon footprint and supporting the surrounding community.

Installing solar panels is a
long-term and easy way
to offset your carbon footprint.

One company, one example, one earth

One Costa Rican organization that is very successful at being climate positive is Reserva Conchal in Guanacaste. At Reserva Conchal, providing a better environment for the future is a way of life and flows through all day-to-day operations. Given the distinguished Carbon Neutral Certification by the Costa Rican Institute of Technical Policies (INTECO) and Ministry of Environmental Subjects (MINAE), Reserva Conchal continually assesses and improves its carbon footprint.

Reserva Conchal uses every bit of its 930 hectares of land to promote carbon-positive business practices. Notably, the developer set aside 334 hectares of forest land to remain building free, including a 39-hectare wildlife refuge. Last year, more than 1,350 solar panels were installed to provide 7 percent of the Westin Hotel energy consumption. All buildings are monitored for energy efficiency.


The composting process takes four weeks and produces new soil used in the nursery, golf course and other landscaping.

Waste management is the most impressive and easiest example of carbon emission reduction at Reserva Conchal. More than 80 percent of the waste produced by the on-site resorts, club, residences and golf course is recycled, resulting in nearly 7 tons of different organic compost produced weekly. Recycled materials include plastics, aluminum, paper, cooking oil and glass. Reserva Conchal has worked extensively with recycling centers in Santa Cruz and private buyers to purchase almost all of the non-organic waste.

Recycling is one way that a business can work towards carbon neutrality. Another way is to look at purchasing practices. Reserva Conchal makes a conscious effort to purchase products that are recyclable or packaged in recyclable containers.

Wildlife-coati-Reserva Conchal

Wildlife, like the coati, thrive in Reserva Conchal.

Value in actions

Better business practices can help any business become carbon neutral. By offsetting and reducing their carbon footprints, all businesses can work towards becoming responsible stewards of the earth. Whether it is planting trees in a nearby park or using recyclable items responsibly, the organizations we lead, belong to and support can find value in helping the environment and their community.


Reserva Conchal’s efforts also extend to providing monthly recycling and clean-up projects in the community.