Author: Marcet Araya

Bookshelf – Two Poems

Cool Places – Marino Ballena National Park

Cover Story – The Heart of Costa Rica: Sanctuaries and Wildlife Rescues

Short Story- The Surf Lesson

“PADDLE! UP!” I hear her voice above the roar of the surf at high tide. I obediently comply. Lying flat on my belly, I make a couple of splashy strokes before planting my

Happenings – Happy Hour!

The play day is done. Time to break from the sun. It’s Happy Hour!! So you’ve been out enjoying your vacation, eh? Soaking up the sun, hammocking, and enjoying the fantabu

Feature Article: Where have all the Leatherbacks Gone

The Science Not so long ago, the giant, majestic leatherback turtle (Latin: Dermochelys coriacea; Spanish: baula) swam all of the world’s largest oceans and populated their

The Bookshelf: Children’s story – Fast Friends

Smitty the Kitty and Liliana the Iguana live in a hotel in the jungle. It’s a real hotel, a people hotel, but they live there too. Both Smitty and Liliana like eating from t

What to Expect: Waterfall Rappelling – Gently Adventurous

What to expect: expect to get wet What to wear: quick-dry shirts and shorts that cover your hips and thighs to protect from the harness, trekking shoes. Necessary physical con

Community Feature: Take a Class!

Life here on the beach is pretty amazing, no doubt. We live smack in Mother Nature’s playground. Kicking around, beating the heat, and living pura vida on Tico time, the day