August Odyssey – The Perfect Wave

August Odyssey – The Perfect Wave

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Way back in my earlier years – funny how many of my stories start this way – I guess it was in the ‘70s, I used to play a lot of golf and was very serious about the game. I also owned a motor home and would travel around with my buddies. One day we were reading Golf Digest, and it had an article about all the golf courses in the Americas. It also ranked them as to difficulty, and the second hardest course was quite close to us in Baja California, a place called Baja Mar (the hardest, I believe, was way down in Argentina).

robert-august-63“We gotta see this!” I told the guys, and we agreed to go down and try it out. We hopped into the motor home and headed south, to camp, surf and play golf.

The first surprise was that there was a golf course in, of all places, Tijuana, just over the border, so we stopped and played there. It was a pretty course and it cost ten bucks per head – including lunch.

In San Miguel we surfed some great waves, but we made our way to Baja Mar where, indeed, we played a terrible golf course. Most of the course was desert and cliffs. We lost about 20 balls each because we were told that the desert was full of snakes, so when we hit a ball into the rough it stayed there.

For a few days we surfed and golfed, then it was time to go home. As we left we bought a bumper sticker which was very true:

“It takes balls to play Baja Mar.”

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