Lingerie: Uncovering How to Feel Good About Yourself.  Few would argue with Jenna Leight, a famous lingerie designer, about the importance of her fashion specialty area: “Lingerie is the first thing you put on and the last thing you take off, EVERY SINGLE DAY.”

Women should think of lingerie the same way as they select their shoes — it should match their outfit and be comfortable, classy and sophisticated.

For many women, the world
of lingerie is a big mystery.


Jenna adds, “Every woman should have a strapless bra, a t-shirt bra, a sexy non-padded lace bra and a push-up bra. Also a bikini, a thong and boyshort-style underwear.”

For many women, the world of lingerie is a big mystery, with the common misconception of being reserved for “special-occasion sexy.” They may not have considered the notion of wearing “everyday” lingerie — as long as it is comfortable — to feel extra-special when taking their clothes off after a busy day.

For lingerie neophytes, I suggest starting with purchasing a new “bralette,” a big fashion item this season. This is a tight-fitting crop top with straps, often made in lace or similar fabric. Bralettes can be worn by themselves with high-waisted denim shorts or under a see-through garment.

Bodysuits are also in style right now; it’s amazing how great they look as tops but when you remove your pants you are still dressed.

Finally, I offer a few words on what men really think about lingerie. They want you to put on something that makes you feel like a goddess, looking different every time. They like the idea that you take the time to be beautiful for them and yourself. Your man wants to be important on your everyday list — not just on special romantic occasions — and lingerie puts him and yourself at the very top.

So next time you buy lingerie, don’t worry about how it looks. Instead, focus on how it makes you feel inside … seeing yourself in it and wearing it. Enjoy the process! Some women have a really hard time thinking of themselves as sexy. In that case, try thinking of yourself as powerful, creative and feminine. Lingerie can make you feel that way every day, no matter who else sees it.

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