Let me begin by saying that I’ve taken my time getting around to writing about this topic. It’s one that I hope you will find relevant and empowering in your personal and professional life as my previous Howler articles were intended to be.

For readers not familiar with my background, I am an Integrative Health Coach living in Costa Rica and an entrepreneur like you. Currently, most of my work hours are dedicated to marketing and sales for one major client. But as may be the case with many of you, I have certain other objectives that I want to accomplish for the sake of feeling fulfilled.

How can we get to the next level of self-satisfaction?

It is hardly a secret that we, as humans universally, are always striving for happiness. How can we be happier? The answer is often connected with our achievement of goals. The distinct feeling of satisfaction when that happens is something we would like to hang on to.

Running our own business, we are constantly following action plans to ensure everything gets done with the optimal results. When we succeed, our business succeeds and this is satisfying.

So as humans seeking fulfilment in our lives outside of business, shouldn’t the same result be possible? How can we get to the next level of self-satisfaction?

Harmony is the key to being excited about working for others and working for yourself at the  same time. It’s about creating harmony between both.

Here are some tips to help you synchronize your work and your personal objectives.

Set goals for you
Entrepreneurs know this better than anyone: your work project goals are in line with your clients’ goals. Set your personal goals in parallel. Sleep, eat, move, share and love. These are important goals to keep your mind and body in optimum shape. Pay attention to your personal objectives and I guarantee you’ll be efficient in your work.

My June 2019 Howler article about time management emphasized that setting priorities and staying focused were two key factors for coping with one unchangeable fact of life: every day has 24 hours. You need to divide your day correctly. Consider this approach: 8-8-8. Divide your day into three parts and allocate a portion to sleep, to work, and to eat, move, relate, have fun and connect with yourself.

It doesn’t have to be a precisely equal-parts equation, but shortchanging yourself during one part of the day is bound to have negative consequences. For example, how do you feel and how well do you function at work after getting only four or five hours of sleep? Or do you constantly lack the energy to do anything other than sleep? Plan to balance your equation harmoniously.

Don’t give up too soon
Plans are not made to be perfect. The beauty of having a plan is that it’s your way of trying. One of the most repeated pieces of advice is the first sentence in this paragraph. If the plan you started out with did not give you the desired result, then rethink it. Create a new plan. Add some new energy, change your strategy and take one step further.

The new religion, as I call it, is to care about your personal goals. The way you take care of yourself is every bit as vital as the way you care about your work.

You need harmony in all areas in your life, but it mostly comes down to these two: work and the rest of your life. As an entrepreneur, these two areas can be mixed very easily. Just pay attention if this mixture is working for you.

When you accomplish any one of your objectives, you will feel happier. This mood will help you create more harmony in your life to succeed in your business and your health.

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