Adventures at Vandara, Costa Rica

Exploring the Wonders of Vandara Hot Springs and Adventure: A Family Day Out with a Twist!

Picture this: a typical sunny day in Costa Rica but with an extra dash of excitement. Our family, armed with the magical discount code HOWLER, embarked on an adventure at Vandara Hot Springs and Adventure. Let me tell you, saving 10% might not sound like a superhero power, but it felt like one when we realized it meant extra snacks for the kids (and maybe a cheeky extra drink for the adults).

First up, horseback riding. There’s nothing quite like seeing your little nephew, who last week was terrified of a small Horseback riding at Vandaradog, gallantly atop a horse named ‘El Capitán’. The horses were well-behaved, but I’m sure they had a chuckle or two at our expense.

Then, the canopy tour. Swinging through the trees, we felt like a family of Tarzans, minus the loincloths and with significantly less grace. Let’s just say not all of us were destined to be graceful jungle explorers.

The jungle water slide was next. Imagine a regular water slide, then throw it into a dense forest. It’s like someone asked, “How can we make a water slide more epic?” and Mother Nature answered. Spoiler alert: it’s fast, it’s fun, and it’s wet. You will scream. You will laugh. You might even cry a little (but let’s keep that between us).

Ah, the thermal hot springs and mineral mud bath. Here, we embraced our inner hippos, wallowing in the mud and then soaking in the warm waters. There’s something hilariously humbling about seeing your family covered head to toe inmud bath at Vandara mud. Also, great for the skin, or so we told ourselves.

The waterfall and hanging bridges were straight out of a travel blogger’s Instagram feed. We took photos, lots of photos. Some might say too many, but hey, when in Vandara!

A cultural experience, bird watching, and hiking trails offered a more serene pace. We learned, we observed, and, most importantly, we didn’t get lost. A miracle in itself, considering our questionable navigation skills.

Strolling through the tropical orchard path and organic gardens, we discussed starting our own garden. That dream lasted all of ten minutes, but it was a nice thought.

Finally, the garden-to-table traditional lunch. After all that adventure, we were ready to feast like kings and queens. The food was delicious, the conversation was lively, and the setting was perfect. Discount using HOWLER code

Saving 10% with HOWLER was indeed the icing on the cake. It’s not every day you get to experience so much and save some cash while you’re at it. Vandara Hot Springs and Adventure, you were an absolute treat. We’ll be back, and not just because we left one of our shoes on the hanging bridge. Oops.  Make sure and put VANADA on your must do adventure. 

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