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Howler’s “Costa Rica: Through the Lens” photographers

  • out of hundreds of photographers in Costa Rica
  • from cell phones to thousand dollar cameras
  • millions of photographs available
  • untold numbers of photographic opportunities

You’ll find the photographer’s information, social media links and their photos on this page.

Make sure to contact your favorites and let them know you appreciate their work as showcased in Howler’s October edition.

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Click the artist’s profile photograph to go to their digital magazine pages (full screen):

Ana Lucia Rodriguez
Destination Photo
TikTok analudpcr

Hawksbill sea turtle at Caño Island Biological Reserve, Osa Peninsula

Hotel Grano de Oro, San Jose, Costa Rica

Andrea Solano

Nauyaca Waterfall: Photo taken with a drone captures a beautiful rainbow in the upper fall.

Penca Beach: Sunset with a sailboat at Penca Beach, Potrero, Guanacaste.

Turrialba Volcano: Sunset at the Turrialba Volcano; the volcano looks red because of the sunlight.

Quemaderos Volcán Poás. Reflection of Cerro Pelon in a Mineral Lake

Los Santos is a region famous for its pure arabica coffee production. Border restrictions in 2020 left producers with an abundance of coffee but few workers to harvest the beans. Growers like Né (shown here) were forced to call upon family members to work the fields for the first time in over a decade.

A caballero wams up his horse before the famous Caña Blanca Cabalgata

El Dia del Niño is a day in which Costa Ricans celebrate the rights of children. Mothers across the country hand-sew traditional clothes for their children to parade around the school or central plaza each year. In 2020, with schools closed due to Covid, Samantha and her sister Emily celebrated this day standing proudly in front of their home in the village of Alfombra, Pérez Zeledon.

Chalo Garcia 

Beauty Glamour & Fashion


Photo: Roberto Barahona

Fashion Designer
Event: @crfashionweek #cefw21

Fashion design by Giannina Azar – Costa Rica Fashion Week

Genna Marie Davis
Tamarindo Family Photos

Dos Amigos Grande,

Cocos Island

Howler monkey

Just married. A dramatic sunset silhouette in Guanacaste.

Hazel Montenegro

In depth feature in November’s edition!
Click here for her contact information and video.

“La Nigüenta,” inspired by 19th century Costa Rican folklore, and the figurine thought to bring good fortune often displayed in living rooms.

From the series “Paradise” entitled “Sur/South,” Heredia, Costa Rica, representing Costa Rican flora and fauna, bio and cultural diversity. Model Nicole Castro.

James Foxx


One thing I love about surf photography is the unexpected. You don’t know what pictures are going to come out, you can’t plan it or pose for them in most cases, the right and perfect moment just happens.

‘Life is a dream you don’t want to wake up from’
-model Ray Taaffe

The swell that comes once a year at Ostional Wildlife Refuge

Jean Paul Montanaro

Wildlife and Landscape Photographer

Rufous-tailed hummingbird
They are very aggressive, and defend flowers and weeds within the area where they feed. They are more dominant than most other hummingbirds.

The caterpillar from the Acraea butterfly common in Central America but is not endemic since you can find them in various places over the world

Lori Haskell



Pura Vida Blonde is a regular Howler contributor

A “casual” conversation with a neighbor?

Capuchin monkeys

Mario Arana
500 PX

Bat falcon

Ferruginous pygmy owl

Great Egret




Perry Carlile


Night thunderstorm over Playa Flamingo, Guanacaste.

Parroquia of Santiago Apóstol Parish ruins – Cartago, Costa Rica

Precious children

Phil Brown

Greenwood Photos

Cataratas Arrayanes, Varablanca: This amazing waterfall sight is at one of my favorite places in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, it no longer exists due to a cabeza de agua.

Zarcero church at night. Two night sky shots in San Carlos are combined to create this amazing composite image.

Cave at Playa Baja Mar: With access only possible at low tide, you need to time your photo shoot with the light of sunset or sunrise to capture the best image.

Reiner Alpízar
Fotógrafo profesional
Phone number:(506)85304230

Mr. & Mrs. Bond

This photo is a part of a personal project for a conceptual photoshoot, we had lots of challenges that day from rain,time and even an earthquake of 6.8 ! That occurred  on July 21, 2021. Despite all the challenges we got the shoot done and we are super happy with the results.

Sean Davis
Sean Davis Photography

Banana flower: Lit with a single $5 flashlight in a darkroom as a light painting experiment.

This Tamarindo aerial view consists of about 100 photos welded together. It was created as a proof-of-concept for an environmental mapping solution that we eventually used at the Belize barrier reef and Palo Verde.

A modernist take on the classic prosciutto melon made with melon, sorbet and crisped prosciutto and cooled with liquid nitrogen.

Wilberth Sanchez

Robin Cassidy-Duran

Endless Summer Three

Friends on Vacation

Sunset in Black and White

James H Timmons

Keel-billed Toucan presenting a spider to a potential mate.

Nuevo Arenal Lake Park.

Richard Tourville

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