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Nicaragua’s San Juan del Sur is a popular coastal town for tourists and surfers, and is well-known for its pristine beaches. 


By day, you can catch a wave and enjoy the local cuisine. At night, the beachfront turns into a lively bar scene where you can watch the sunset over drinks.


  1. Enjoy the beaches


The number one thing to do in San Juan del Sur is to enjoy the beach. 


One of the best beaches is San Juan del Sur Beach. It has street food vendors selling snacks such as chicken quesadillas and great views of the ocean and the famous Christ statue. 


With many nearby restaurants, San Juan del Sur Beach is a favorite spot for tourists and locals to watch the sunset. You can also enjoy swimming, snorkeling, fishing, surfing, and boating here.


At Playa Hermosa, you can relax in a cabana or hammock and enjoy a cocktail or smoothie. 


There are places to rent boogie boards and flippers, surfboards, and more. This beach is very popular for surfers, and there are many surf instructors available!


Other favorite beach activities include windsurfing and taking a horseback riding tour.


  1. See the Mirador del Cristo de la Misericordia


One of the most famous landmarks in San Juan del Sur is Mirador del Cristo de la Misericordia. This giant Christ of the Mercy statue is 134 meters (77 feet) tall. 


Locals and tourists agree that the hike up the hill to see the statue is worth it, especially to enjoy the magnificent ocean view.


  1. Try the local craft beer and food


San Juan del Sur Cerveceria is the spot to go if you want to try some great local craft beers and enjoy good eats.


San Juan del Sur also offers some great restaurants, like Dale Pues, which serves Nicaraguan coffee, tasty breakfast and fruit smoothies in the morning, and burgers later in the day.


La Rosticeria is a favorite beach restaurant, known for its great wings, quesadillas, seafood, and drinks.


  1. Practice yoga


One favorite activity in San Juan del Sur is yoga, and there are many places to practice it. You can make your way to the popular Zen Yoga to take a class and even get a massage. There are also favorite yoga retreats such as the Eden on the Chocolata.


  1. See turtles at La Flor Beach Natural Reserve


One rare and exciting opportunity for nature lovers in San Juan del Sur is to see baby turtles hatching and making their way to the ocean. 


The best place to do this is at La Flor Beach Natural Reserve. The nesting season is from July to January, which means that the majority will hatch in October and November. If you go late in the day during the fall season, you’re sure to see some!


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