Gnarly Waves

Surf’s up, wave riders! Let’s talk about the gnarly world of surf waves. You know, those watery rollercoasters that make surfers’ hearts sing and sometimes their bones ache. Waves come in all shapes and sizes, just like surfboards and surfers’ suntans. So, let’s dive (whoops, not literally) into the different types of waves and find out which ones are best for newbies and which ones the pros dream about when they’re not busy waxing their boards.

 1. The Small and Friendly: White Water Waves

First up, we have the kindergarten of surf waves – the white water waves. These are like fluffy puppies: cute, friendly,Waiting for the wave and perfect for beginners. White water waves have already broken, and they’re just rolling toward the shore, making them ideal for those just getting their feet wet in the world of surfing. It’s like riding a gentle, watery conveyor belt. No judgment here if you shout “Whee!” while riding these.

2. The Rolling Beauties: Spilling Waves

Next, we have the spilling waves. These are the considerate ones that break gently over a longer distance. They’re like the kindly aunt who gives you candy and wise life advice. These waves spill their guts over softer, sandier bottoms, making them great for intermediates who’ve graduated from the white water but aren’t ready for the big leagues. They’re the training wheels of surfing.

3. The Steep Challenge: Plunging Waves

Enter the plunging waves, also known as the ‘tube’ or ‘barrel’ waves. These are the show-offs of the surfing world. They break hard and fast over shallower grounds, like a rollercoaster with a ‘You must be this tall to ride’ sign. These waves are for the pros, the daredevils, the ‘I eat danger for breakfast’ types. Catching one of these is like winning an Oscar in the surfing world.

4. The Big Kahuna: Surging Waves

Gnarly Finally, we have the surging waves. These are like the mysterious strangers in the back of a dimly lit café. They surge up but rarely break, and they’re powerful and unpredictable. These waves are for the surfing elites, the ones who speak to the ocean like it’s an old friend. Riding these is like taming a wild stallion, except it’s wet and you’re in a wetsuit.



So, What Do the Newbies and Pros Prefer?
For those just starting, stick to the white water and spilling waves. They’re forgiving, like a grandma who doesn’t mind if you accidentally break her favorite vase. Plus, you get to learn without the ocean giving you a salty smackdown. Dog surfing

As for the pros, they live for the plunging and surging waves. It’s like choosing between skydiving and a peaceful hot air balloon ride. They want the thrill, the challenge, and the bragging rights. These waves are their Everest, their moon landing, there ‘I told you I could do it’.

Surfing is a smorgasbord of waves for all tastes and talents. Whether you’re just dipping your toes or you’re ready to dance with the ocean’s mightiest, there’s a wave with your name on it. Just remember, every pro started as a newbie, and every wave, no matter how small, is a step towards surfing stardom.

Ride on, wave warriors! And when you’re not busy conquering the seas, check out #howlermag and #howlermagazine for more epic surfing tales and tips.

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