arroz con pollo — rice with chicken

casado — a varied dish consisting of chicken, beef, pork or fish with rice, beans, salad, picadillo and sweet plantains

chifrijo — pork rind (chicharrón) with beans, rice, chimichurri and tortilla chips

chimichurri — a common dip for tortilla chips, typically made with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, avocado, lime and salt

frijoles molidos — mashed beans, a popular dip

gallo pinto — rice and beans served for breakfast, often with eggs, tortillas, fruit and sour cream (natilla)

guacamole — mashed avocados with tomato, lime, salt and sometimes chili

natural — a fruit drink made with milk or water and blended pineapple, tamarind, watermelon, cantaloupe, banana, strawberry, blackberry or other fruits

olla de carne — beef stew with potatoes, corn, carrots and other vegetables

patacones — mashed, fried plantains

picadillo — chopped vegetables, which may include pumpkin, chayote (vegetable pear), potatoes, green plantains, arracache (a tuber), heart of palm, green papaya, garlic, onion, cilantro, bell pepper and/or celery, and may contain beef, pork, chicken or bacon

plátano maduro/maduro — sweet, fried plantain

rice and beans — Caribbean rice and beans, made with coconut milk

rondón — a Caribbean stew of seafood, vegetables, coconut milk and whatever the cook can “run down”

sopa de mondongo — tripe soup

tamales — tamales, a Christmas favorite made of corn meal filled with beef or pork and sometimes vegetables, wrapped in a plantain leaf

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