San Jose, Costa Rica
National Theatre.
Old photo collected in group “Old Photos of Costa Rica”.
Old photograph restored by don Marco Roldán.
Comparison Edition 2024: Rolando Alpizar (Rolo).















1915 y 2024
San José, Costa Rica.
Hospital San Juan de Dios.
Vista hacia el sur en Calle 14.
Fotografía antigua recopilada en grupo “Manuel Gómez Miralles, su legado histórico y fotográfico”.
Fotógrafo: Manuel Gómez Miralles.
Edición comparativa 2024: Rolando Alpízar (Rolo).













1950 y 2024
San José, Costa Rica.
Hospital San Juan de Dios.
Foto antigua recopilada en grupo “Fotos antiguas de Costa Rica”.
Edición comparativa 2024: Rolando Alpízar (Rolo).

San Jose, Costa Rica 1920 and 2023
Street vendors of chickens… and their jackalins (children).
Calle 3, seen towards the North, in front of the National Theater.
The North wing of the Edificio de las Arcades can be seen, and then a fence that marks the site where the Gran Hotel Costa Rica is today, where a cornfield was cultivated, after a great fire that destroyed the buildings in 1913.
To the right is today the Plaza de la Cultura.
Source: “The City of San José, 1871 – 1971”.
Album of the National Bank of Costa Rica, 1971.
Credits: data shared by Alberto Solórzano in 2017 (Old Costa Rica seen through the photographic lens of History).
Thanks to Checho Vargas, administrator of the page “Manuel Gómez Miralles, his photographic historical legacy”, for an exhaustive analysis of his part, with other photographs and additional data, which allow us a comparison that is as close as possible.
Thanks to Carlos Alcázar of “Old Photos of Costa Rica”, for his kind and valuable contributions to this server.

1890 – 2023 San Jose, Costa Rica.

Avenue 6, looking west. The current photo is captured between 7th and 9th streets, observing as an approximate reference, the Colegio Superior de Señoritas (upper right of the old photo).

Source: shared by Panameno Maria, “Old Photos of Costa Rica”.

Comparative edition 2023: Rolando Alpízar (Rolo).

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