You’re on the verge of an absolutely exhilarating adventure, stepping into the vibrant world of photographing the fascinating primates of Costa Rica. And trust us, this is going to be an experience rich with opportunities to snag some truly magazine-worthy shots. 


Let’s talk gear first because, well, it matters a lot. Picture yourself getting those close-ups of a playful howler monkey; this is where a telephoto lens becomes your best buddy. It brings you up close and personal, capturing the nuanced expressions even from a distance. And while you’re at it, grab a tripod or a monopod to get those wide shots just right, showcasing the primates in all their natural habitat glory. A monopod offers that bit of flexibility, letting you move swiftly to keep up with your agile subjects.


Now, diving deep into the primate world means understanding their quirky behaviors, their habits, and all those little things that make them so captivating. It adds a narrative depth to your photographs, painting stories through your lens. And hey, patience is more than just a virtue here; sometimes it’s your gateway to capturing magic in the most unexpected moments. 


And speaking of painting, let’s chat about your canvas — the vibrant lighting that Costa Rica generously offers. The early mornings and late afternoons are your golden hours, wrapping your photographs in a warm, magical glow. But don’t just stop there; play with the dynamic shadows created as sunlight filters through the leaves, because sometimes the most artistic shots stem from a playful experiment with light and shadow.


While we’re all for getting that perfect shot, let’s keep it cool and respectful, yeah? We are guests in the home of these magnificent beings, so maintaining a respectful distance is the golden rule. And let’s just forget about baiting with food; capturing them in their natural, uninhibited glory is where the real magic lies.


Before you dash off, remember the post-processing magic that waits in the wings. Shooting in RAW format is like preserving all the vibrant details in a treasure chest, ready to be unveiled in all their glory during post-processing. As you sit down to edit, keep the narrative of each photograph in mind, tweaking a bit here and enhancing a bit there to turn a good photo into a veritable masterpiece.


So, are you geared up and ready to go? Just envision this; the forest of Costa Rica, a canvas of endless possibilities with primates ready to paint vivid pictures through your lens. Dive into this mesmerizing world with our tips and tricks in your arsenal and you’re all set to narrate tales of the vibrant, wild, and beautifully untamed life pulsating in the heart of Costa Rica. Let’s capture some breathtaking frames that speak a thousand words, shall we?


Author’s Note: some phones now have incredible photo taking capabilities. There is nothing wrong with displaying these beautiful snaps.

Take several photos to catch just the right look, head position.

Adjust your settings to get different contrast and focus points.

I come from old school of 35mm black and white photography on a Canon AE1. Developing the film and printing. With today’s cell phones and digital camera’s; keep practicing your skills. If a picture is no good (like a rear shot of the monkey walking away), hit “delete”. Don’t load your storage up with photos that will never be shown.

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