There are four types of monkeys in Costa Rica, and three of them can be found in the wild in the Guanacaste region. The four species of monkeys native to Costa Rica are the white-faced capuchin (mono cariblanco), spider monkey (mono colorado or mono araña), the squirrel monkey (mono ardilla or titi), and the howler monkey (mono congo).

We spotted photographer Anki Forsberg’s photographs on Instagram and wanted to share his work with our readers.

How long have you been photographing?

About 15 years and more seriously lately.

Why monkeys?

Because they are great characters and their facial expressions usually convey their emotional state well. The monkeys do not “mask” their feelings, their face says it all.

The challenges:

The challenges are catching fast moving wildlife in the patchy jungle light.

The thrill….

Would be to see the bigger Costa Rica cats (Jaguar, Puma) thru the lens!

Where were these photos taken?

Squirrel monkeys from Tiskita lodge (in Costa Rica near the border to Panama)

Capuchins from Los Suenos (Herradura, CR)

also considered “white face”  monkeys.

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