Mari Nava is a Costa Rican brand, born from a passion for handmade design, and whose spirit is part of the growing philosophy of sustainable design. 

It shows a free, spontaneous and relaxed style to wear from day to night with a bohemian touch.

From Costa Rica, a group of women come together with the designer to give life to each of her  pieces — made entirely by hand — full of details that make them unique. 

The Latin woman and Mother Nature are pillars of inspiration in each brand’s collection, giving  way to the combination of materials of natural origin. Fiber fabrics, stones, metals, wood and jute that recall the individuality that is in nature — an imperfect and unrepeatable beauty. 


Each design exhibits round shapes, which evoke the curves of the planet and offer fashion  lovers pieces that speak of craftsmanship, sustainability and beauty. 

To view and learn more about Mari Nava’s work, we invite you to visit her social networks on Instagram and Facebook.

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