Costa Rica, a country known for its lush landscapes and rich biodiversity, also boasts a noteworthy tradition in rum production. The history of rum in Costa Rica is intertwined with the nation’s agricultural development, where sugarcane cultivation has played a significant role. As we explore the landscape of Costa Rican rum, we’ll discover not just the brands that have emerged from this Central American paradise but also the stories and processes that make them unique.


Centenario Internacional


One of the most distinguished rum brands in Costa Rica is Centenario Internacional. Established to celebrate Costa Rica’s rich history and natural beauty, Centenario Internacional produces a range of premium rums that have garnered international acclaim. Their aging process, which takes place in white oak barrels, imbues the rum with a distinctive smoothness and complexity of flavor. The brand’s portfolio includes several aged expressions, from the approachable 7-year-old rum to the exquisite 30-year-old, each telling its own story of heritage and craftsmanship.


Ron Centenario


While it might sound similar to the first, Ron Centenario is a brand that stands on its own with a rich history. Known for its nuanced flavors and sophisticated aging techniques, Ron Centenario has been a staple in the local rum scene, delighting both locals and visitors with its commitment to quality. The brand’s dedication to capturing the essence of Costa Rican terroir in each bottle is evident through its careful selection of sugarcane and meticulous distillation process.




While not a rum by the strictest definition, Guaro deserves a mention for its cultural significance in Costa Rica. Guaro, a sugarcane liquor, is a traditional spirit that has been part of Costa Rican social fabric for generations. Produced by the government-owned Fábrica Nacional de Licores (FANAL), Guaro is often considered the national drink. Its presence in celebrations and gatherings underscores the spirit’s role in Costa Rican culture, offering a lighter, more accessible alternative to rum.




Sarchí, although lesser-known internationally, is a brand that captures the heart of Costa Rican artisanal rum production. Named after the town famous for its vibrant, hand-painted oxcarts, Sarchí rum is crafted with a focus on small-batch excellence. This brand highlights the importance of local craftsmanship, from the selection of the sugarcane to the distillation and aging processes. Sarchí’s offerings are a tribute to Costa Rican artistry, both in the liquid itself and in the presentation of its bottles.


The Craft and Beyond


The story of rum in Costa Rica is not just about the brands but also about the evolving craft behind rum production. Distillers across the country are experimenting with various aging methods, blending techniques, and even the introduction of local fruits and spices to create rums that are distinctly Costa Rican. These innovations are part of a broader trend in the spirits world, where consumers seek out unique, high-quality products with a strong sense of place.


As Costa Rica continues to carve out its space in the global rum market, the emphasis on sustainability and connection to the land remains paramount. Many distilleries are embracing eco-friendly practices, from reducing water usage to implementing renewable energy sources, reflecting the country’s overall commitment to environmental conservation.


The rum brands of Costa Rica, from the internationally recognized to the locally cherished, tell a story of tradition, innovation, and the unbreakable bond between the land and its people. Whether sipping on a smooth, aged rum or enjoying the simplicity of a guaro cocktail, the spirit of Costa Rica is alive in every glass. As the world of Costa Rican rum continues to evolve, it invites connoisseurs and casual drinkers alike to explore its rich flavors and stories.


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