Exchange Dollars vrs Colones

In Costa Rica, the tourism industry, which significantly depends on the US dollar, is currently grappling with considerable challenges due to the weakening of the dollar against the Costa Rican colón. This shift in exchange rate dynamics is having a profound impact on the operational costs and revenue streams of businesses within the tourism sector.


One of the critical issues faced by tourism companies is the devaluation of their income, which is predominantly earned in dollars, when it is converted into colones. This leads to a decrease in profits and poses difficulties in maintaining competitive pricing for their services and packages. As a result, these companies are encountering significant revenue and pricing challenges.


Furthermore, the diminishing value of the dollar has led to an increase in the cost of business operations that are paid in colones. This scenario is putting a strain on the financial margins of these companies, compelling them to make tough choices. They are forced to either increase their prices, which might deter potential tourists, or absorb these costs, which would adversely affect their financial health.


The sustainability of businesses in this sector is under threat due to the current exchange rate trends. Numerous tourism businesses and jobs are at risk as companies struggle to meet their financial and operational commitments. This raises serious concerns about the long-term viability of many enterprises within the industry.


In response to these challenges, CANATUR has called upon the Central Bank to intervene in the currency markets to help stabilize the value of the dollar. Additionally, there is a demand for broader policy changes to provide lasting stability to the industry.


If effective measures are not implemented, the continued weakening of the dollar could lead to the downsizing or closure of tourism businesses, with far-reaching effects on livelihoods and the overall economy. The need for decisive intervention by the government is paramount to mitigate further economic distress in this critical sector.


The weakening US dollar presents a multifaceted challenge for Costa Rica’s tourism industry. A collaborative effort between the government, the Central Bank, and industry stakeholders is essential to fortify the sector’s resilience and ensure its continued growth in the face of fluctuating exchange rates.

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