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Robert August Feature: The Endless Summer Lifestyle

Robert August Feature: The Endless Summer Lifestyle:  Robert August's effortless ease and relaxed style make for a true longboarder. Pair [...]

Tamarindo International Surf Film Festival

Jerry Hirsch and Friends, with programing from the Florida Surf Film Festival, and the generous support of TRIO Tamarindo for [...]

Surf Photographer Santa Teresa

Since 2008, Mor has provided the highest-quality surf photography and drone video for the region of Santa Teresa. Contact her [...]

Rip Current Caution

Rip currents are the leading surf hazard for all beachgoers. They are particularly dangerous for weak or non-swimmers. Rip current [...]

Riding on the Right Board

Surfboard Shopping Guide. Experienced surfers work with their shaper to come up with just the right board or boards to [...]

What Makes a Good Surf Spot?

What makes a good surf spot? Any non-surfer might think it’s ridiculous how surfers group together fighting for the same [...]

James Foxx surfing photographs 2023 part 1

James Foxx is a passionate Costa Rican soul whose Tico birth name is Jaime Abarca. From the time he was [...]

Surf Adventure: The Road and Swell Point South

Surf Adventure Surf Trek with CHE: When the Road and Swell Point South.  I woke at 12:30, 1:30, 2:30, and [...]

ConnectOcean: Swim Safe Costa Rica

There are over 800 miles of coastline in Costa Rica. Sadly, there are only a handful with lifeguards. SWIM SAFE [...]

Swells Make Costa Rica a Leading Surf Destination

Waves are nothing more than traveling vessels of energy. Born from strong winds blowing in all corners of the planet, [...]

Surfing and Yoga Go Hand in Hand

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS Let’s take a moment to reconnect to our breath. Inhale deeply through your nose. Fill [...]

Surfing On Concrete

Surfing and skateboarding are so similar. This sport is picking up considerably in rural Costa Rica regions. Instead of falling [...]

Surf Profile – Brisa Hennessy

When Brisa Hennessy dipped her toes and board in the waters of Queensland, Australia last month, she accomplished something no [...]

Surf Profile – Alvaro Bayona, Adaptive Surfing

Adaptive Surfing Profile: Alvaro Bayona, an Amazing Inspiration: Alvaro Bayona is an elite athlete in many spheres of sports who continues [...]

Endless Summer, Endless Surf Spots

As many Howler readers are aware from past articles about Tamarindo surf legend Robert August, the 1994 movie Endless Summer [...]

Considering Relocating to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Legal Due Diligence Seminars If you are an expat who is interested in understanding the pure legal facts [...]

Britt Coffee

THE HISTORY OF GOURMET COFFEE Costa Rica has produced one of the best coffees in the world for over a [...]

Olympic Surfers

Costa Rica’s Brisa Hennessy and Leilani McGonagle will be among 20 women competing as surfing makes its Olympic debut in [...]

SKIMBOARDING: Acrobatics of the Fearless

Skimboarding originated in southern California, when Laguna Beach lifeguards wanted to surf the local shore breaks that were too fast [...]

Surf Spot – Playa Tamarindo

Tamarindo is much more than just a surf spot. Tamarindo is a happening beach town full of shops, restaurants and [...]

August Odysseys – Surf Expo

Surf Expo has always been one of my favorite events of the year, to meet people and check out the [...]

Learn to Surf: Catching the Perfect Wave

Learn to Surf: Catching the Perfect Wave.   Being a Costa Rican city girl from San José, not one of those [...]

Manuel Antonio: The Surf Spot

Manuel Antonio National Park is basically the poster child park of Costa Rica. It is one of the most visited [...]

Witch’s Rock

Backed by the mystical rock formation known as “Roca Bruja,” or Witch’s Rock, this beautiful, secluded, world-class surf spot is [...]

Papagayo Winds

It Must Be Dry Season in Costa Rica As I sit here writing this article in the middle of January, [...]

No Slowing Down for Carlos Muñoz

Although 2020 has been a year marred by the absence of competitive surfing and related travel, life has still been [...]

James Foxx: A Passionate Soul Living the Dream

James Foxx is a passionate Costa Rican soul whose Tico birth name is Jaime Abarca. From the time he was [...]


Boarding Without Borders DEFINITIONS: Kiteboarding: A water sport in which the power of wind through a kite pulls you across [...]

Ángela Aguilar González SP/EN

(English below) Ángela Aguilar González nació y creció en San José Costa Rica su amor y pasión por el surf […]

Waiting for the Surf

Waiting for the Surf World to Reopen Meanwhile, What’s Happening? Surfers, think about this: the World Surf League (WSL) hasn’t […]

Jair Perez Quiros

Jair Pérez, National Mens Surf Champion Jacóbeño Living His Faith And Dreams  (Spanish also) Jair Pérez Quirós is the 2019 […]

Surf Science: Cold Water in Costa Rica?

I’ve had a handful of surf sessions this past Summer (Dec - March) that had me shivering. And not just [...]

The Job of Saving Lives

Marvin Pérez and the Jacó Lifeguards It’s no secret that Costa Rica has some of the most sought-after beaches in […]

Eternal Optimism of Youth

Jacó Junior Surfers On Fire (Spanish version below) Since the middle of March, competitive surfers around the world have been [...]

The Engaged Eye of TR

Tony Roberts — otherwise known as “TR” — is a lifelong surfer, skater, artist and musician, whose passions manifest in […]

Welcome Back to Witch’s Rock

A Long-Awaited Return Costa Rica’s beaches were finally open again after being off limits for 10 weeks. No one had […]

Hurricanes in Costa Rica?

Not Quite Yet On September 18, 2017, six separate tropical systems were spinning somewhere within the Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific […]

Braving Salsa Brava

Salsa Brava is a surf spot that is not for the faint of heart or those lacking advanced-level skills. It […]

Fins Out: Lisbeth Vindas

National Surfer Launches Virtual Surf Classes When the Coronavirus pandemic hit Costa Rica, extreme measures were taken nationwide to ensure […]

Agustin Muñoz

Photographer’s Search Never Ends Photographer Agustin Muñoz is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina where he first learned about cameras and […]

April a Long Dry Month

Beaches Off Limits to All April was a long, dry month for surfers due to the closure of all Costa […]

Santa Teresa

Playa Santa Teresa is located on the southern cusp of the Nicoya Peninsula, an area internationally revered as a Blue […]

COVID-19 Disrupts Surf Season Schedule

They say you can’t go home again, but here I am, back at my original publication base writing the Costa [...]

Surfing Ollie’s Point after the Storm

In October 2017, a huge storm devastated most of the beaches in Costa Rica. Playas del Coco was totally flooded. [...]

Surf Profile Costa Rica: Dean Bushby

Years ago, Dean Bushby, a computer network engineer from Leeds, United Kingdom, fell off a motorcycle he was riding in [...]

Esterillos Oeste and the Enigmatic Mermaid

The seven-kilometer-long beach of Esterillos, about 20 minutes south of Jacó, has become over the years one of Costa Rica’s [...]

Surfing Witch’s Rock With Robert August

Robert August’s jokes are pretty corny. Yet, it’s a privilege hearing them told by someone who happens to be a [...]

Rip Current Caution

Rip Current Caution: Don’t Be a Statistic. Rip currents are the leading surf hazard for all beachgoers. They are particularly [...]

Ocean Rescue Training Aims to Decrease Drownings

Ocean Rescue Training Aims to Decrease Drownings: Internationally Accredited Lifesaving Clinic with Vamos Youth a Success. Costa Rica has continually [...]

Surf Profile Costa Rica: Jefferson Tascon

Surf Profile Costa Rica: Jefferson Tascon. Spend a significant amount of time in the ocean and it’s only natural to [...]

Blue Flag Beaches

Blue Flag Beaches: A Five-Star Ecological Guide. Whether you are vacationing or living in Costa Rica, it’s useful to understand and […]

Protect Coral Reefs and Protect Your Skin

Sun and Sea Sensibility: Protect Your Skin and Protect Coral Reefs. As someone who grew up diving the coral reefs [...]

Women Longboarders Mar Ibarra & Serena Xing

Women Longboarders Mar Ibarra & Serena Xing. Something very special happens when two women paddle out. What happens when longboarding gal [...]

Surf Etiquette 101: More Than Just Popping Up

Surf Etiquette 101: There’s More to Learn Than Just Popping Up.  If you’ve taken a surf lesson or two, you’ve [...]

Surf Profile Costa Rica: The Resano Sisters

Surf Profile Costa Rica: The Resano Sisters.  The three Resano sisters, Valentina, Candelaria, and Maxima, are truly at home in [...]

Axel Castro: Surf Profile Costa Rica

Axel Castro: Surf Profile.  Randall Chaves, the president of the Federacion de Surf de Costa Rica, is always boasting about [...]

Skateboarding: Sk8 Costa Rica

Skateboarding: Sk8 CR.  In this issue, we wanted to feature a couple of skate parks at popular Pacific beaches, where you [...]

Skateboarding in Costa Rica

Sk8 Costa Rica: This is Skateboarding in Costa Rica.   Skateboarding in Costa Rica? How can you skateboard on dirt roads? [...]

Surf Profile – Kai and Teo Gale Grani

Surf Profile - Kai and Teo Gale Grani.  With an award-winning film producer father from Argentina, and a television and [...]

Laird Hamilton: Surf Legend Chooses Costa Rica Destination to Promote Health and Fitness

Laird Hamilton: Surf Legend Chooses Costa Rica Destination to Promote Health and Fitness.  Most of us would probably agree that surfing [...]

Surf Profile – Sam Reidy

It makes perfect sense that a young man who loves the ocean as much as Sam Reidy does would also [...]

Surf Spot Costa Rica: Mal Pais

Surf Spot Costa Rica: Mal Pais.  Mal Pais, a name which translates to “bad country,” is anything but that. This [...]

Surf Profile – Andrea Diaz

She’s called Mama Lucha. Not because she is a fierce, single mother of three, but because, as Andrea Diaz explains [...]

Surf Profile – Rubiana Brownell

This past year, 15-year-old Rubiana Brownell of Avellanas made Costa Rica surfing history. The teen, in only her third year [...]

Surf Spot Costa Rica: Playa Camaronal

Surf Spot Costa Rica: Playa Camaronal.  If you are staying in the Samara area, a visit to Playa Camaronal is [...]

Surf Spot Costa Rica: Salsa Brava

Surf Spot Costa Rica - Salsa Brava: Salsa Brava is a surf spot that is not for the faint of heart [...]

Surf Profile – Marcel Oliveira, If it’s a Surfboard, Oliveira Rides it

Surf Profile - Marcel Oliveira, If it's a Surfboard, Oliverira Rides it.  Marcel Oliveira was a true waterman. At 5, [...]

Surf Profile – John Barrantes, Adaptive Surfer

Adaptive Surfing Profile: John Barrantes, Broken back doesn't stop...not to Mention the Pins in his Foot: For John Barrantes, surfing [...]

Surf Spot Costa Rica: Puerto Caldera

Surf Spot Costa Rica - Puerto Caldera: Puerto Caldera is one of the most valuable port cities in Costa Rica. International [...]

Adaptive Surfing and Stance ISA World Adaptive Championships

Adaptive Surfing, Costa Rica’s home team is set to lead the world in La Jolla for the Stance ISA World [...]

Jacó Surf Spot Costa Rica

Jac0 Costa Rica, Surf Spot: Jacó is a haven for backpackers, party animals, and surfers alike on the central Pacific [...]

Nicolas Boos: Costa Rica Surf Profile

Nicolas Boos Costa Rica Surf Profile: It’s not easy getting 8-year-old Nicolas (Nico) Boos to talk about surfing, but it’s [...]

Carlos Muñoz: Surfing Profile Costa Rica

Surfer Carlos Muñoz grew up winning contests. From the age of 10, this Esterillos Oeste surfer was racking up national [...]

Playa Hermosa Jacó Costa Rica Surf Spot

Playa Hermosa Jacó: While Costa Rica has several beaches named Playa Hermosa, only one is home to the most powerful [...]

August Odysseys: My Time With Robert August

August Odysseys: My Time With Robert August: I Twiddled my thumbs for a good 15 minutes, thinking how to possibly [...]

Playa Guiones, Nosara Costa Rica Surf Spot

Playa Guiones is a harmonious and eco-conscious beach community midway down the Nicoya Peninsula in the province of Guanacaste. Famed [...]

Leilani McGonagle: Surfing Profile Costa Rica

To Be Updated after the Tokyo Olympics Surfer Leilani McGonagle has quite a collection of trophy hardware. Her stash includes [...]

Surf Spot Boca Barranca

The Boca: Surf Spot Boca Barranca is Costa Rica’s second-longest wave, sometimes up to a  kilometer  in length. It is [...]

Surfing Costa Rica Profile – Malakai Martinez

Surfing Costa Rica Profile Malakai Martinez, Photos:WSL/Mike Chlala - When the World Surf League sent out photos from the Banzai [...]

Spotlight – Valeria Salustri

She may have started stand-up paddling (SUP) three years ago on a whim when someone suggested she try it, but [...]

Surf Spots – Playa Negra

Photos: Emiliano Ras Eye Art Photo Playa Negra is a world-renowned surf spot and Guanacaste’s most famous reef break. Featured [...]

August Odysseys – Wake up, take a piss, and jump in the water!

Living on the beach in Southern California as a little kid, I would paddle out to surf just about every […]

August Odysseys – the “Endless Summer” trip still resonates

Even when we were youngsters, Bruce Brown was one of my best friends in the neighborhood, always hanging around my [...]

Surf Spot – Playa Dominical

Playa Dominical could be called the Mini-Tamarindo of Costa Rica’s South Pacific zone. It offers not only waves of all [...]

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