Casa y Mas

What began as a holiday visit to Guanacaste six years ago is now a 5,000-square-meter (over 50,000 square feet) household furniture complex.

Gerard Azen, owner of Casa y Más outside of Villarreal, has invested over 50 years in the design, manufacture and selling of European furniture. Originally from France, he noticed the limited options for home furnishings in Costa Rica during that eye-awakening vacation trip. After more research, Azen opened the massive facility in July 2019.

Wall-to-wall displays of merchandise showcase outdoor furniture and a wide selection of dining room, living room, bar and bedroom items. The inventory consists mainly of European products, but includes an expanding stock of Costa Rican furnishings.

Nicolas Videau, general manager, recognizes the importance of listening to consumers and providing solutions to their furnishing needs.

“There is such a variety of people living in this region,” he said. “We are constantly seeking to improve our inventory.”

Sharing Azen’s knowledge and history in the European furniture market, Videau knows what’s available, along with all the product and shipping details to ensure delivery to Casa y Más.

Chair that Gerard designed, with over 30,000 units sold

One new service option enables customers to create their own kitchen layout of impressive and functional cabinets, countertops and drawers featuring the latest contemporary designs from Germany and Spain.

“With the opening of our store, this region of Costa Rica now has a large selection of furniture to choose from in a variety of styles and price ranges,” Azen noted. “Plus, we’re adding more products like windows, doors and bathroom fixtures, and the services of our own in-house architect”

Pointing to a chair, Azen commented, “I designed that myself and now over 20,000 units have been sold.”

His tone was not boastful, but rather conveyed pride of workmanship and how well the consumer has responded. Yes indeed, the chair I sat in as he described it was very comfortable, lightweight and even swiveled.

Azen’s business investment includes a model home being constructed in Playa Grande.

“People can see our home concepts and how our furnishings compliment the European style,” he explained.

Impressive store, knowledgeable owner and manager, variety of beautiful furnishing options and quality customer service … a commitment to the consumer is clearly demonstrated by Azen and Videau.

At the end of our visit, I overheard a customer praising Videau, “You offer great customer service!”

I asked her, “How exactly did they do that?”

She responded, “I bought an item; it wasn’t the right size. I called and they made everything right!”

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