Imperfect Jewelry is a contemporary jewelry brand, handmade in Costa Rica and designed exclusively by Carolina Gonzalez. The brand is inspired by looking at beauty in imperfections, the strange or subtle, which I transform into beauty through unique pieces that allow us to accept who we are and recognize that these elements make us unique so we can value our own beauty. For me, the pieces are designed to become alive in each person who wears them, while enhancing and adapting to their style.

The aesthetics of the brand seeks to create differentiated designs of manual production, playing with asymmetry, organic and irregular shapes, moving away from the generic design that is unknown under what conditions the pieces are produced and, on the contrary, focus on a handmade jewelry design that shows the traceability of materials, their design and manufacturing process.

The jewelry is handmade mostly in 950 silver, 18k gold plated silver, and gold in different karats. Thematic collections of limited quantities are worked for greater exclusivity. The uniqueness of the work allows us to create even more unique designs for those who require it.

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