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If you are thinking about traveling to Panama, you should consider Lídice as a possible destination. This close-knit rural town is known for its architectural beauty and mountain views.


It is also close enough that you could make a day trip to the beach. As it is off the beaten path, you won’t have to worry about other tourists.


In Lídice, you’ll find serenity, great weather, and plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy.


  1. Mountain biking or hiking


Some of the most popular things to do in Lídice include mountain biking and hiking on Mount Trinidad, a high mountain that overlooks the town.


Mount Trinidad has magnificent views and great trails that many have enjoyed. You may want to check out the recommended trails before you plan your trip.


  1. Food


Food is a main attraction in Lídice, with a large number of restaurants serving great eats. You may want to stop by the highly-rated Restaurante Ternera A La Llanera, which serves delicious, flavorful Colombian and Venezuelan food. They are rumored to have tender smoked meat and yummy arepas rellenas de queso.


Another restaurant you may want to stop at, especially if you are heading out to the beach, is La Casona Panama. Their main menu includes barbecue meat, pork and chicken, and tortillas con queso. They are also known for having great arepas.


  1. Visit the parks


While you stay in Lídice, you should check out the local parks, especially if you want to enjoy the outdoors and find fun activities for your kids. Barraza Park is a small park where you can sit in the shade and admire the flowers, or attend one of the local events. San José Park holds events for children in the evenings, and the Reserva forestal perequete is a beautiful local wildlife refuge if you want to look for animals and enjoy nature.


  1. Bike or walk along the Rio Perequette


The Rio Perequette runs through Lídice, with a great path for biking or walking beside it. You can enjoy the beautiful green countryside, farmlands, mountain, and river view all at once!


  1. Enjoy the local historic architecture


One of the main charms of Lídice is its historic, rural architecture. Walking the streets, you are sure to find many small buildings and mini-markets that offer a peek into the past.


Learn what locals are saying about Lídice before you go! On, residents of over 5,000 cities in more than 180 countries provide tips and advice about their hometowns.

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