Simply Spanish – Dining Out

Simply Spanish – Dining Out

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Spanish Terms for Dining Out

Here is a list of some helpful words and phrases in Spanish for dining out at a restaurant.

la carta — menu

la cuenta — bill

el menu de niños children’s menu

mesa para dos table for two

mesero(a)/camarero(a) waiter (waitress)

para empezar — to start

para picar  starters

el plato fuerte  — main course

los postres — desserts

los refresos  — drinks


Useful Phrases


¿me trae …? will you bring me …?

¿nos trae …? — will you bring us …?

perdon  — excuse me

prefiero — I prefer

¿qué menú prefiere? which menu do you prefer?

¿qué va a comer de postre? — what are you going to have for dessert?

¿qué va a comer? what are you going to eat?

¿qué va a pedir? — what are you going to order?

¿qué va a tomar? — what are you going to drink?

quiero — I want

quisiera — I would like

tenemos … — we have …

¿tiene …? — do you have …?

ya regreso — I’ll be right back

Practice your Spanish with these words and phrases for eating at a restaurant.

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