Reserva Conchal Employee Volunteer Programs – Giving Back to the Community: Costa Rica is known as a proud country that believes in its people and its land. Maintaining a sustainable business model that values pride can be advantageous for everyone involved. A sustainable business model focuses on social, environmental and financial elements to support continued growth. Promoting volunteerism within your organization is one way to attain this win-win situation.

Volunteering is a way of life for Reserva Conchal’s employees and residents through the Elegí Ayudar program. The Elegí Ayudar team, plans a minimum of five volunteer programs each month that support different social and environmental needs in the Guanacaste area. They also plans two annual large volunteer projects open to the community. The Elegí Ayudar program, formalized by Reserva Conchal’s parent company Florida Ice and Farm Company S.A. (FIFCO), pays for each employee to volunteer a minimum of 16 hours over two or more days. A cornerstone of FIFCO’s success is its commitment to social and sustainable practices. That is why the company has committed to reaching over one million volunteer hours by 2020.

The value of the Elegi Ayudar program is in the results. Last year, Reserva Conchal volunteers planted more than 1,400 native trees at Las Baulas National Marine Park. They also collected over 3.5 tons of trash that included waste products, which become breeding grounds for dengue-carrying mosquitoes. Other social initiatives have included neighborhood education walks/talks focusing on community health issues, volunteering at food banks and giving facelifts to schools, community centers and other buildings needing paint and small repairs.

“I chose to help because it creates a positive impact on the community and teaches us to value our environment,” says Antonio Lopez Martinez, a seven-year veteran at Reserva Conchal. “I want to raise awareness about the duty we have to create a better place for our children,” he continues.


Any business can adopt simple and easy sustainable business model practices to create a positive community imprint like Reserva Conchal. By creating a positive social and environmental imprint, a company’s financial stability can be achieved. When you support the things around you, from people to the environment, you are supporting all who are involved in your business, from your employees to your customers to the community. Offering the opportunity to employees and clients to volunteer is one way any business can give back to the community.

To learn more about Reserva Conchal’s Elegí Ayudar program, follow its Facebook page at Juntos Conchal. You can also email for information or newsletter mailings.