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Casa y Más Furniture Store Costa Rica

What began as a holiday visit to Guanacaste six years ago is now a 5,000-square-meter (over 50,000 square feet) household [...]

Risking it All for a Dream

We are Tash and JB, the faces behind the Salty Palmtree YouTube channel. Currently, we are building a farmstead near, [...]

The Virtues of Piracy

Full disclosure: I am a real, legitimate pirate and quite proud of it. My legitimacy as a pirate was confirmed [...]

Bringing Dementia Education to Rural Costa Rican Families

Dementia has become a global epidemic, and cases are constantly increasing in Costa Rica. Traditionally, in Costa Rica, older adults [...]

Simply Spanish- Financial Terms

Spanish Financial Terms Here is a list of some important words in Spanish for banking, taxes and other financial transactions. [...]

Plant ID Help, thriving herbs and gardening tips

Hola from Gringo Gardeners on Facebook! This month we’re highlighting an amazing plant that Ed, in Atenas, shared with the [...]

Protecting Your Digital Devices

However alarming the cyber-crime statistics we sometimes hear about in the news, the mind-boggling numbers of successful or attempted hacks [...]

Vasomotor Rhinitis

For months or years, people suffer from what appears to be hay fever (allergic rhinitis). The stuffy nose, postnasal drip, [...]

Tico Expressions

agarrado — cheapskate, miserly. agüevado — bored, bummed out, sad, dissatisfied, driven to distraction. agüevazón — a situation that makes [...]

Our New War Against Whaling

It has been 10 years since I have commanded the helm of a ship. That was in 2013, in the [...]

Gringo Gardeners in Costa Rica

Hola! from Gringo Gardeners in Costa Rica! We’re a Facebook group with over 5,000 members, dedicated entirely to gardening successes [...]

Underwater Fashion Photography

Fashion Editorial in Costa Rica – Air and Water This underwater fashion photography session turned out to be a great [...]

Birds of Gondwanaland?

Next time you are at a bird feeder in Costa Rica, or walking in the jungle, enjoy the knowledge that [...]


Zejí is a textile proposal that was born in 2009 with the vision of offering creative and innovative pieces as [...]

Accessible parking spaces. Who can use them?

RICO’s Q – Accessible parking spaces can be found everywhere. However, many are unaware of the laws that govern the [...]

MOPT extends, again, vehicle inspections deadlines

QCOSTARICA – Based on the publication made in the Diario Oficial La Gaceta, on Friday, March 10, through Decree 43939-H-MOPT, […]

Pura Vida Show

The full rich story of beautiful Costa Rica comes to life in this tropical setting at the Terraza Event Center [...]

La Carniceria Gourmet

La Carniceria Gourmet invites you to our store in Plaza Paseo del Mar, 2 km from the intersection of Huacas [...]

Weather Links for Costa Rica

QCOSTARICA 03/13/23 We are still many weeks away from the start of the rainy season in Costa Rica, but here [...]

The Expat Dementia Dilemma in Costa Rica

Retirement arrived, and you finally live the pura vida dream in Costa Rica in your forever home. The initial honeymoon [...]

Aquatic Apes

Since 1975, I have been fascinated by the idea that humans possibly had aquatic roots. A few decades ago, I [...]

Simply Spanish – Table Talk

Spanish Terms for Table Talk Here is a list of some helpful words and phrases in Spanish for table talk.  [...]

Helping Ticos Understand the Expat Mindset

In our January issue, Howler published the article Solutions to 28 Cons of Living in Costa, a lighthearted look at [...]


Q Costa Rica is a partnering news source for Costa Rica. We're pleased to introduce you to this website for [...]

When People Who Care Come Together

Our communities in Costa Rica depend on the local park or square for family and town events. So often during [...]

Spanish: Real Estate Terms

Agente de bienes raíces —  real estate agent / real estate broker Agente del comprador — buyers agent  Agente del [...]

Peptic Ulcer Disease

A peptic ulcer is a sore in the lining of the duodenum or stomach that penetrates through several tissue layers [...]

Living a Biocentric Life

The greatest threat to the survival of humanity is anthropocentrism, the worldview that human beings are dominant over all other [...]

Spanish: Descriptive Words

It's fun to learn a new language. Try these descriptive words and go out and use them in your conversations [...]

Tune in to the Ocho Verde Wildlife Channel

Howler readers are invited to tune in to the Ocho Verde Wildlife Channel on YouTube, featuring our jungle animal wildlife [...]

Health Tips for Hot Tub Enjoyment

Soaking in a hot tub is very popular and is more than a mere pastime. The steaming, whirling waters are [...]

Solutions to 28 Cons of Living in Costa Rica

I always see blogs from realtors about all the great and positive things. Most sugarcoat their reporting, but I see [...]

The Unravelling of Sea Shepherd

In 1971, I set out on a stormy November cruise from Vancouver, northward to a remote barren island called Amchitka [...]

Fiercely Feminine

Hola, happy sea-sunsetters! Allow me to introduce myself; I’m your new read for a new Howler monthly column called The [...]

Eco-Friendly Flora Protect Our Fauna- “Bee” Kind to Vital Insects

Various eco-friendly aspects of building design and construction have been covered in past articles, most recently last month’s overview of [...]

Wisdom from Albert Einstein

Sometimes, in order to accept something new, you must hear it from someone you admire. Today I want to share [...]

Captain PAUL WATSON Introduces the First Ship for Neptune’s Navy

The Captain Paul Watson Foundation has purchased the first ship of what will be Neptune’s Navy. The former 73-meter British [...]

Costa Rica Takes Top Recognition in International Challenge

The World Coffee Challenge is an international coffee competition celebrating and empowering coffee producers and their coffees of excellence. Only [...]

Medical Considerations for Air Travel

It is not unusual for commercial aircraft to cruise at altitudes up to 40,000 feet, with cabin pressures equal to [...]

Spanish – more useful nouns

Learning Spanish can be fun. It takes lots of practice and getting corrected as you enunciate. Be sure to learn [...]

Costa Rica: Through the Lens 2022 #2

It never ceases to amaze our Howler team when we consider all of our photographers and the variety of spectacular [...]

Cookware Awareness: The Trouble with Teflon

Are you eating toxic chemicals and you don’t know about it?   Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), also known as C-8, is [...]

Contact Dermatitis

Much has been said about the possible harmful effects of chemicals and other additives to foods. More prevalent in our [...]

Properly Cleaning Your Tongue

Ready to add a new activity as part of your morning habits? Have you ever heard about scraping your tongue? [...]

What You Eat Has The Power of What You Can Achieve

Paying More Attention to the Way You Eat Can Help Your Productivity The truth is that we have created our [...]

Celebrating Our Sloths on October 20th

Costa Rica's Sloth Conservation Foundation (SloCo) was founded in 2016 by sloth researcher Dr. Rebecca Cliffe and is dedicated to saving [...]

Raining October

For Costa Rica's east coast visitors, October is a good time to visit (weather-wise). For our Pacific-side readers, we're usually [...]

Learning Spanish – Useful Nouns

Learn Spanish a little at a time. Howler has many lessons online for you to read, learn and practice. These [...]

Spanish: Colorful Expressions Too

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  Here are some Spanish words and phrases to learn when traveling or living in Costa Rica. Take your time [...]

Food Combinations For Healthy Digestion

It is no surprise to see on the market today so many digestive and dietary aids for the stomach, along [...]

Costa Rica 2022: Through the Lens

SEE NOVEMBER'S EDITION, CLICK HERE! For all of the scenes, sensations and experiences that words can’t adequately describe, countless generations [...]

Spanish: things to do with your hands

acariciar — caress   agarrar — grab   aplaudir — clap   estripar — squeeze   frotar — rub   [...]

Enjoying Life In Costa Rica

We get these questions all the time: Will I enjoy living In Costa Rica? Where Is the best place to [...]

Pet Care in Rainy Season – Let’s Prepare

Pet Care in Rainy Season - Let's Prepare Our Pets.  As rainy season starts, reproduction of insects and increased proliferation of [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine: Digging Deeper to Understand Your Dominant Dosha

The background information in Howler’s last two articles about Ayurvedic medicine set the stage for what we’ll cover this time. [...]

Surfing and Yoga Go Hand in Hand

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS Let’s take a moment to reconnect to our breath. Inhale deeply through your nose. Fill [...]

Summer Vacation Game Plan

Welcome, July! Kids start their long summer vacations, likely feeling happy and free with the prospect of no school for [...]

Lifestyle Feature – Sound Journey to Self-Healing

Lifestyle Feature - Sound Journey to Self-Healing: A Gentle Natural Healing Tool.  So there I was, completely submerged in a bath [...]

Benefits of Nature-Costa Rica Natural High

Benefits of Nature-Costa Rica Natural High: Being a yoga practitioner and instructor in Costa Rica, I am fortunate in being [...]

Mantras and Affirmations

Om Mani Padme Hum is the above sanscript phrase, a well-loved Buddhist mantra commonly translated as, "The jewel is in [...]

Retreats In Costa Rica: Pick Your Way to Unwind

From the Costa Rican coastlines to the volcanoes and cloud forests, there are many types of retreats throughout this country [...]

Yoga and Wellness Retreats

What Makes Costa Rica an Inspiration Destination We’ll begin today’s practice in a comfortable seated position. Gently rest your hands [...]

A Mental Diet for Your Body to Heal

A Mental Diet for Your Body to Heal: The mind is a powerful tool for creating the experiences we choose in [...]

Planning Your Move

Careful planning is the key to a successful relocation. No matter how much research you do, there will always be [...]

Ayurvedic Medicine

Discover Your Dosha, Part 1 Ayurvedic medicine is much more than just medicine. This 5,000-year-old practice began in India and [...]

Brasilito Baseball a Hit for Kids in the Area

For over five years now, once a week, the kids in Brasilito, Costa Rica have been treated to two hours [...]

The Doctor Is In – Sand Flea Bites

Nothing is worse than enjoying a beautiful Costa Rican sunset then waking up in the middle of the night with [...]

Roca Mistica hosts huge corporate event

As usual, Semana Santa was an eventful time of year in Guanacaste, and it was Roca Mística’s first. Declining to [...]

Welcome to President Rodrigo Chaves

Maverick economist Rodrigo Chaves won Costa Rica's presidency as voters rejected traditional politics amid growing social discontent and concerns over corruption, [...]

What is it Like Living in Costa Rica?

Many people from different countries make Costa Rica their new home every year, and we have years of experience in [...]

99 Reasons Why We Love Living in Costa Rica

The countdown begins here! There’s something for everyone on this list … and then some. Here are 99 different reasons [...]

Considering Relocating to Costa Rica?

Almost 50% of expats who move to Costa Rica return to their home countries within two years. Why? There are [...]

Our Path to Pura Vida

Hola! Originally from New York, my wife and I knew that retiring there wasn't the best option for us. Warmer [...]

What Brings People to Live In Costa Rica

Costa Rica living – what draws people to this country? Let’s look at just a few of the many things [...]

Rediscover Hotel Bahía del Sol

Hotel Bahia del Sol, a beachfront boutique hotel in Playa Potrero, Guanacaste has been characterized for its innovative refurbishing concepts. [...]

Los Altos Resort

Why Los Altos? Well, for a start, it is one of the few destinations that still owns a private and [...]

Margaritaville A Taste of Paradise

Yes, we're open to the public! Margaritaville began as a synonym for a relaxed, laid-back state of mind.  Delicious food [...]

Roca Mistica

How We Began When the borders closed to Costa Rica in early 2020, Alexis O’Reilly, husband Colin and son Brendan, [...]

Of Two Minds, part 2

Let's continue where we left off! Part 1 of my Howler article “Of Two Minds,” in the February 2022 issue, [...]

Costa Rica: Through the Lens

AMAZON page link Howler's "Costa Rica: Through the Lens" photographers out of hundreds of photographers in Costa Rica from cell [...]

Mari Nava Design

Mari Nava is a Costa Rican brand, born from a passion for handmade design, and whose spirit is part of [...]

Of Two Minds

Conscious and Subconscious Learning — Part 1 Our subconscious mind is a “habit mind.” Understanding how your brain works can [...]

Wildlife of Costa Rica

The Wildlife: read all our stories It’s no wonder that nature is the key reason why four in 10 international [...]

Perfect Harmony

Happy 2022 beginning to all! Beginnings are the perfect time to look ahead and start making our to-do and purpose [...]

Time to Declutter

Order in Our Home Restores Health and Order in Our Life One of the best things we can do at [...]

Viral Social Media Posts Combat Virus Misinformation

With the second anniversary of COVID-19’s emergence drawing near, Howler recently reached out to one of Costa Rica’s leading sources [...]

Living Our Own Epiphanies

Many self-help books are written, as well as articles, offering top tips on how to live your life to the [...]

Why I Serve Coffee to Pimps

It was not the fishnet tights, nor the high heels, nor the heavy make-up, that caught my attention one night [...]

The Sweat Lodge part 4

In the temazcal — from the Nahuatl word for “house of heat,” or sweat lodge — the four natural elements [...]

Considering Relocating to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Legal Due Diligence Seminars If you are an expat who is interested in understanding the pure legal facts [...]

Life Booster

Life Booster CR Facebook Instagram   Enjoy the medically proven contributions of the mega dose of Vitamin C and give [...]

Costa Rica: Through the Lens

Howler's "Costa Rica: Through the Lens" photographers out of hundreds of photographers in Costa Rica from cell phones to thousand [...]

Howler Welcomes Eduard Muller

In almost every disaster movie — when catastrophes range from floods to earthquakes, from an approaching asteroid to an alien [...]

Inipi or Temazcal Part 3 of 4

To elaborate on the first article in this Howler series, inipi is a ceremony to purify our bodies and minds. [...]

Expat Birds of Costa Rica

How many of you came to Costa Rica to visit … and decided to not go home?     Here in [...]

Guachipelin Hotel and Adventures

Use code: HOWLER to save 10% Main Page Hotel Tours Wellness Waterfalls Weddings Spa Zip Lines Hiking Horseback Riding Mountain [...]

Ocean Adventures

She lifts her anchor to pursue the sea Each time an adventure a new world to see With sails full [...]

The Adventure Continues

My name is Michael Mills and I have been exploring Costa Rica since 1995. I have lived here full-time since [...]

Inipi or Temazcal Part 2 of 4

It was a hot Saturday afternoon in La Senda and I was crawling into a hut that represents the womb [...]

Think in Pink

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so my Entrepreneur CR article this month is dedicated to all women anywhere, and [...]

Why Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in the World

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS   Why Costa Rica is the Happiest Country in the World: The rooster often crows [...]

Beyond Yoga

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS Beyond Yoga Mention wellness in Costa Rica and yoga readily comes to mind: practising poses [...]

How to Build Inner Resilience

BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS Welcome, my fellow entrepreneurs, to a new month with new challenges, situations and expectations among [...]

Inipi and Temazcal Part 1 of 4

BEST COSTA RICA TRAVEL DEALS   Understanding the Sweat Lodge Ritual The Lakota term for sweat lodge is inipi which [...]

Day Three Botanicals

Day Three Botanicals was created while exploring alternative treatments for epilepsy, chronic pain, and inflammation.  Day Three was founded by [...]

Breaking 100

Live longer in Costa Rica Blue Zone: Costa Rica’s Nicoya Peninsula is one of five regions in the world referred [...]

Motmots of Costa Rica

Motmots are proof that common birds are not necessarily common looking. A stunning family of birds — one or more [...]

Ginger’s Health Benefits

Ginger can improve your life. The health benefits are amazing! In this overview, we highlight some of the medical advantages [...]

Got Organic Matter?

As Costa Rica pursues ambitious waste management solutions on a vast nationwide scale, one grassroots composting collection project in Tamarindo [...]

Caño Negro Glistens in the Rainy Season

Years ago, a day boat trip on the Rio Frio from La Fortuna to the Nicaraguan border introduced me to [...]

Paradise Found


Reset Your Mindset

My dear fellow entrepreneurs, I will begin this month's article with this mantra: “I am still standing!” Repeat this mantra [...]

Anatomy of a Costa Rican Dream Home


Connect With the Spirit of Water EN/SP

Water heals. Water offers us the purest of the medicines and its power is subtle and deep.    This is [...]

Celebrating Health and Fitness in Tamarindo

Costa Rica is a nature lover’s dream, with an astounding percentage of the world’s biodiversity and a thriving eco-tourism industry. [...]

Esthetics a Growing Face of Medical Tourism

Treatments and Vacations Mutually Compatible As one of the world’s most popular medical tourism destinations, Costa Rica offers no end [...]

French Canadian Real Estate Agent Welcomes YOU FR/EN

My name is Alain Mouquet, I have been in Costa Rica since 1990.I´m a professional real estate agent with Tres [...]

The Most Powerful “New You” Resolution

What kind of thought or idea for a “new you” resolution can be profound and powerful enough to change the [...]

Ustrasana: camel pose

Ustrasana, meaning "camel pose," is a backbend that stretches the entire front of the body. It strengthens the core and improves [...]

Trading Paradises

"I traded all that in for the pura vida lifestyle." How many times has each of us read that statement?  [...]

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