Embracing “Pura Vida”: Costa Rica’s Essence of Pure Life

Discover the heart of Costa Rica’s identity through “Pura Vida,” a phrase meaning “pure life.” This cultural cornerstone signifies a commitment to simplicity, happiness, and authenticity. In this dedicated section, explore how “Pura Vida” permeates daily life, from the warmth of locals to the stunning landscapes. Experience the joyous celebrations, vibrant interactions, and harmonious connection with nature that embody this philosophy. Join us in celebrating Costa Rica’s unique way of life, where gratitude and living fully are paramount. Through “Pura Vida,” create unforgettable memories and embrace a lifestyle that resonates with the core of this enchanting land.

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Pura Vida Show

Begins in late November - 2 cities - 2 nights weekly! Begins in late November - 2 cities - 2 [...]

Pet Care: Water Health & Safety

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Lifestyle Feature – Raising a Child in Costa Rica

Living in Costa Rica means your children will get megadoses of outdoor time.

Joy in the Journey

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We are the Children of Flowers

Two hundred million years ago during the Triassic period, the world changed dramatically. Prior to the Triassic, the landscape was [...]

Simply Spanish – How to Ask for Directions

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Discover the Health Benefits of Noni Fruit: A Tropical Powerhouse

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The Best Bedtime Story for Children

Costa Rica and Horizon Pacific Management and Rentals hold children in the highest regard. Therefore, in honor of Children's Day [...]

Life Booster

Life Booster CR Facebook Instagram   Enjoy the medically proven contributions of the mega dose of Vitamin C and give [...]

Considering Retiring and/or Relocating to Costa Rica?

So are you thinking about retiring or relocating to Costa Rica? The land of pura vida living is definitely worth [...]

Holiday Gifts 2023

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Advertising Partners September 2023

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Spanish: Looking For Adventure

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Swedish Massage: the Start of Feeling Wonderful

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Deep sea exploration uncovered rare octo-nurseries off Costa Rica!

QCOSTARICA ( In 2013, scientists found octopuses doing something unusual at Dorado Outcrop, a small seamount off the west coast [...]

Vajra Jahra Villas and Retreat Center

Are you looking for a venue that provides personalized support and help with your planning? Do you want to host [...]

Rainy Season Myth Busters

Perhaps some of the myths and misconceptions can be challenged with this information about the rainy season in Costa Rica. [...]