Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture

Helping You Grow Your Own at Home

We know not everyone has a green thumb.


Hola! We are Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture!


We know that in the post-COVID world, we are all looking to keep our body and mind healthy. As we go back into more restrictive social distancing, it is more important than ever to be able to grow what you need from home. 


We carry the largest online catalog in Central America for all your plant needs! All of our products are here in Costa Rica, so there is no waiting, no extra shipping companies and no import duties. Online orders are one way we are helping our customers get what they need without coming to the store. We are also offering in-store pick up at our Santa Ana location when you place your order online.


Our expert team is ready to assist you in the adventure of growing your own products. We know not everyone has a green thumb. Lucky for you, we have the knowledge and products to make it so easy, even serial plant killers will start having amazing results. 


Zero contact is no problem for us! Message us on Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp (see store location numbers on Facebook).


Gardening is a unique experience. It is all at once stimulating, relaxing and fulfilling. We have so many amazing products to help even the most inexperienced growers see professional yields from their love and hard work. 


High-quality soil from our top seller, Roots Organics — premixed high-yielding substrates bagged in a special plastic — allows you to grow straight in the bag. 


Nutrient kits, from a variety of premium brands like Technaflora and Canna, come complete with all the products you need for professional results. You also get handy instructions that teach you exactly how and when to give them to your plants. Test to see which is your favorite.


Lighting kits have everything you need to set up a light source for indoor gardens. Take the guesswork out of lighting your plants.


Hydro kits are perfect for anyone thinking about getting into hydroponic growing but not sure how to do it yet. They have everything you need plus set-up instructions. Not just for beginners, this bucket system is an easy way to scale your garden.


No matter what size or kind of garden you create, and no matter what your skill level, from beginner to commercial, Pachamama Indoor Farming Culture is here for you. 


Stay healthy. Stay safe. Stay green.

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