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Ollie’s Point
Playa Hermosa, Jaco
Mal Pais
Playa Negra

Which ones have you visited?

A Road Trip to Sarapiquí
Nicaragua: Neighbor to Our North
The Graceful Dance of the Mobula Rays

Death and Dying in Costa Rica

What Circle of Hell is This? (ATM horror story)

A Road Trip to Sarapiquí
Nicaragua: Neighbor to Our North
The Graceful Dance of the Mobula Rays

Water Availability When You Build

Rental Properties: Taxes and formal duties

Summer Vacation Game Plan

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Skimboarding at Prietra

Tide Chart

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July’s 2021 Howler E-mag – Issuu Online Highlights

Howler hits the Pacific waves this month, in more ways than one. Reflecting on Costa Rica’s abundance of premium surf spots, including many featured in past magazine issues, our cover story revisits these four among many favorites: Ollie’s Point, Playa Hermosa, Mal Pais and Playa Negra. Then, for a different water sport twist, we take you to Prieta for some spectacular skimboarding action, captured through the lens of our July featured contributor, Perry Carlile. Yet another style of aquatic acrobatics will captivate you in our Creature Feature, where a group of graceful mobula rays are pictured at Drake Bay.


Travel & Adventure explores the natural wonders of Sarapiquí and highlights five Nicaragua attractions that are possible to visit during a long-weekend jaunt across Costa Rica’s northern border.

The Arts, Culture & Entertainment section provides insight into funeral and cemetery traditions in Costa Rica, and also tells a lighthearted tale about a ravenous ATM. Pura Vida offers four professional perspectives on Costa Rican dream home designs, and a mindfulness ritual for connecting with the healing power of water. The importance of ensuring water accessibility when purchasing a home building property is covered in CR Biz, as well as LegalEase information for rental property owners.

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