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includes Guanacaste Regional

Discover five of the museums, rich history about the people and culture. Which ones have you visited?

El Farallon Petroglyphs

OSA: Your Getaway to Pardise

The Dangerous Duo

Wheels to the World

Discover the history of the ox carts


Learn some colorful expressions

Learn about a French Canadian Real Estate Agent

Esthtics: a Prominent Face of Medical Tourism

Eco-Friendly Flora Protest our Fauna

Celebrating Heath and Fitness in Tamarindo

The Most Powerful “New YOU” Resolution

Costa Rica’s Legal System: Roman Civil Law

Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica:

The Basics Part 2 – Taxes

Global Wellness Day

Plus related

business articles

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Tide Chart

Next month: Skimboarding

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June 2021 Howler E-mag – Issuu Online Highlights

With so many past Howler cover stories rightfully showcasing Costa Rica’s outdoor nature-infused riches, our June focus is on the nature of its human legacies. We take you behind the walls of history, where all manner of museum treasures lie waiting to be discovered or revisited. The appeal of cultural gifts that keep on giving should not be underestimated. Nor should your next opportunity to explore these gems of artistic, scientific, or socio-economic importance be postponed. Join us for an inside glimpse that will awaken your curiosity to see much more in person at the National Museum of Costa Rica, Central Bank of Costa Rica Museums (Pre-Columbian Gold and Numismatic), Jade Museum, Children’s Museum of Costa Rica and Juan Santamaría Historical Cultural Museum.

Two very different paths to the past are traced in other e-magazine sections. An ACE story travels down the well-worn roads of a bygone era when ornately painted oxcarts served as wheels to the wider world for Tico farmers.  Ancient mysteries are highlighted in an Travel & Adventure account of visitors seemingly transported twice back in time when viewing the El Farallón petroglyphs near Cañas, Guanacaste. Also in Travel & Adventure, find many great reasons to book your first or next Osa Peninsula getaway trip. Creature Feature will leave you wary of crossing paths unexpectedly in Costa Rica with a fer-de-lance or Brazilian wandering spider.

Pura Vida includes articles celebrating health and fitness in Tamarindo and suggestions for eco-friendly plants to protect vulnerable bee populations.

Joanna Blanco dedicates her regular Entrepreneur CR article in the CR Biz section this month to the celebration of Global Wellness Day on Saturday, June 12. Costa Rica’s ambassador for this remarkable annual event, Laura Barrantes Requeno, has put together an organizing team to encourage participation and show our country’s support to the rest of the world. 

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