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The Lost Treasure of Lima

Editorial: Learning the Local Language

Q Costa Rica: News Updates

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Robin’s Story & Tres Amigos Real Estate
Grupo Tropigala       Sun Real Estate
Jardin La Torre Retirement Community

What Lies Beneath: Gemstones of Costa Rica
Monkeying Around in Costa Rica
The Flame-Colored Tanager
Seabreeze Adventure

Indigenous Cultures in Focus

Artist Spotlight:

– Donaldo Voelker

Helping Ticos Understand the Gringo Mindset
The Expat Dementia Dilemma in CR
Aquatic Apes
Spanish: Let’s Dine Out

Update: Tax Declaration of Inactive Corporations
More Legal Ease Articles
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The Endless Summer Lifestyle
Surf Film Festival
Tide Chart, Moon, Sun Schedule

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Ahoy, me hearties! Howler has some treasured tales to tell in our March issue. We can’t guarantee any of them are completely true — at least not the pirate parts —  but they do have one reality in common. The setting is Costa Rica’s remotest and most mysterious frontier, Cocos Island. So avast ye and all hand hoy! Prepare to be intrigued by the legends and lore behind the tiny island’s allure for relentless treasure hunters during the past two centuries.
We also take a fascinating look at some dazzling real-life treasures that are much more accessible today, even if not readily visible. Explore “What Lies Beneath: Gemstones of Costa Rica” in our Travel & Adventure section, where we also feature a delightful collection of monkey photos.
For expats dealing with a possible or confirmed dementia diagnosis — their own or a loved one’s — we feature comprehensive information about options for care in Costa Rica, along with resources for education and support.

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