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July 2022 Issuu Summary


Howler’s July cover story provides a mere glimpse at Costa Rica’s renown as a gateway to getting away from it all. An infinite variety of retreat locales and venues throughout this nature-infused wonderland offer rest to rejuvenate weary bodies and solace to soothe stressed-out souls. From yoga, meditation, spiritual healing and medical tourism to healthful cooking, digital detox and more adventurous options, you’ll find it here in virtually any surroundings of your choosing. It’s a matter of picking your best way to unwind in paradise. 


Join us on an excursion to Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, where stunning volcanic and waterfall landscapes await, and local culture is yours to enjoy. Be amazed at how easy, affordable and accessible it is for Guanacaste visitors to explore Ometepe, especially by taking advantage of local bus and taxi transportation. Then closer to home, find out why the same can be said about bus travel in your own vicinity, as a way to save on fuel costs and enjoy the scenery.


This month’s urban tourism feature unveils an artistically unique town sign, newly gracing the central park in Atenas.

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July Troop (contributors)

Tamarindo Family Photos


In harmony with our wellness theme this month, we are pleased to feature one of Howler’s long-standing regular writers, Laura Méndez. The wellness and mindfulness topics she contributes in every issue are as diverse as her professional background.

As a Veterinary Doctor (MV UNA) specializing in clinical pathology, Laura decided to complement her scientific knowledge with a holistic basis in nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Her training as a holistic health coach was at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York. This unusual and varied combination of knowledge has allowed her to have a broader vision of holistic health, where scientific and spiritual elements blend perfectly. 


Laura is the founder of Pura Vida Vibration, serving clients there as a sound therapist. She is also a moon dancer, and a Moon Mother Level 2, directly trained by Miranda Gray. She is an entrepreneur and co-creator of Food School, a membership and community for women willing to take control of their health by learning and applying holistic living principles. Contact Laura at, and follow her on Facebook and Instagram






Joanna Blanco. Integrative nutritional health coach who helps clients embrace wellness in five interconnected areas of life: relationships, livelihood, physical activity, spiritual awareness and diet.


Ivan Granados. Managing Partner at GM Attorneys, specializing in real estate and corporate law.


Mary Martin Mason. Published author whose latest book, Casa de Doloros, was inspired by her experiences and adventures as a U.S. expat living in Atenas, Costa Rica. A regular writer for the Mango Musings blog, and also an award-winning former columnist with The Southwest Journal in Minneapolis, who also taught high school English in Houston, Japan and Minnesota. 


Turner Mojica. Chief Marketing Officer/Senior Vice President of Howler Media Holdings as well as the Costa Rican Chamber of Culture, Fashion and the Arts and CR Fashion Week. He is an International management consultant who has worked with Oscar and Grammy nominated producers, award winning directors and celebrities.


Rick Philps. Canadian who practiced law in Victoria, BC before moving to Costa Rica in 1998. He has practiced law here for 17 years, having continued his education in civil law and notary and registry law. Offers legal due diligence seminars and consultations in the Gold Coast area for expats moving, or considering moving to Costa Rica. Contact or visit


John Quam. Howler Magazine Owner, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief,, who has called Costa Rica home for eight years.