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May 2022 Howler E-mag – Issuu Online Highlights

We could not be more excited to be bringing you another special edition of Howler: ”Costa Rica Through the Lens!” Modeled after our tremendously successful  October 2021 issue, when the concept was introduced, this month’s e-magazine delivers on the promise we made that more would follow.

So settle into your favorite comfortable spot with a refreshing beverage, and prepare to be inspired and amazed.  The awaiting visual journeys are unlike any you have ever taken in Costa Rica, and in this format are yours to take again whenever you like. 

Brought to life once again by the idea’s originator, Terry Carlile, Howler’s executive and creative director, our visual showcase features stunning images created by some of Costa Rica’s most outstanding photographers and multimedia artists. What you see in this wide-ranging collection will dazzle, delight and surprise you at every page turn. 

So without revealing any more clues here about the landscapes, faces and forms they have captured, we invite you to see and experience Costa Rica through their eyes.

  • Click on the individual photographer names to visit their webpage, find contact information, follow them and comment on their creations.
  • Share the magazine and webpages on your social media.

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May 2022 Troop (Contributors)


Joanna Blanco. Integrative nutritional health coach who helps clients embrace wellness in five interconnected areas of life: relationships, livelihood, physical activity, spiritual awareness and diet.

Debbie Bride. Canadian continuing to create and communicate in Costa Rica.

Ivan Granados. Managing Partner at GM Attorneys, specializing in real estate and corporate law.


Johnny Lahoud. Owner/broker of Pura Vida Realty, Playa Grande. Lover of Costa Rica.


Laura Méndez. Founder of Pura Vida Vibrations. Offering sound journeys, breathwork experiences, cacao ceremonies & other activities.

Turner Mojica. Chief Marketing Officer/Senior Vice President of Howler Media Holdings as well as the Costa Rican Chamber of Culture, Fashion and the Arts and CR Fashion Week. He is an International management consultant who has worked with Oscar and Grammy nominated producers, award winning directors and celebrities.

Rick Philps. Canadian who practiced law in Victoria, BC before moving to Costa Rica in 1998. He has practiced law here for 17 years, having continued his education in civil law and notary and registry law. Offers legal due diligence seminars and consultations in the Gold Coast area for expats moving, or considering moving to Costa Rica. Contact or visit

Dr. Herbert Weinman. MD, MBA.



We are grateful to all of the talented visual artists who contributed to this special “Through the Lens” edition of Howler. These photographers featured on the next page, where you can access biographical and contact information, and view more of their work. 

Be sure also to visit their social media pages, where you can follow and share. When you do that, it’s a win-win for them, for Howler and for Costa Rica.