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In a harrowing tale unlike any the Howler has ever told, our cover story takes you on a trek to the top of the world and back with Tamarindo’s Chad Gaston. Within days of arriving home safe and successful from a Mt. Everest quest fraught with peril and news-making tragic outcomes for dozens of fellow climbers, Chad spoke to us at length about his incredible journey.

This issue’s Travel & Adventure section highlights all the reasons why an iconic Cinchona eatery, near La Paz Waterfall, is worth the trip for more than just great local food. Creature Feature digs deeper into the lesser-known biological differences between two-toed sloths and their three-toed cousins, while our Featured Adventure reveals a surprisingly unfamiliar “secret” sloth-spotting hideaway. A visit to Monteverde Ecological Sanctuary shines a different light on Costa Rica’s coffee culture when examined through a permaculture lens, where attainment of environmental and social sustainability goals is no easy feat.

Surfing CR profiles 14-year-old Caribbean superstar Axel Castro, and offers step-by-step advice for newbie surfers not yet ready to get their feet wet. As proof that surfing and skateboarding are not mutually exclusive sports in Costa Rica, the attributes of two beach town skateparks, Tamarindo and Playa Negra, are highlighted.

Our Arts-Culture-Entertainment (ACE) puts Sonámbulo in the musical spotlight, acknowledging the band’s genre-crossing “psicotropical vibe defies any other description. Urban tourists can find no end of reasons to visit the National Theater of Costa Rica in San José, while anyone almost anywhere in the country can discover how easy it is to access dozens of medicinal plant species in abundance.

Pura Vida wellness articles offer insights into the modern popularity and historical origins of kombucha, and why Grandma’s admonishment to chew your food properly is not just kids’ stuff. Learn to dismiss your fears about conversational Spanish slips and trips, or shopping for fabulous curvy fashions.

Costa Rica’s prominence on the global business stage is the cover story of Howler’s CR Biz / Dining Guide flip magazine. We look at the driving forces behind corporate expansion decisions to take advantage of Costa Rica’s dynamic world ranking for sustainability and job growth, notably its World Economic Forum score card for labor force capacity, deployment, development and know-how. A related article affirms that the climate is perfect for new entrepreneurial ventures, as long as the “business of seasons” is clearly understood. We also look at Reserva Conchal’s pioneering example in promoting eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics.

Further to our June flip magazine’s overview of the W Costa Rica — Reserva Conchal, the July / August Dining Guide cover story again highlights the three new W Hotel restaurants, all open to the public. Readers have a chance to meet five multi-talented chefs who are striving to elevate Costa Rican cuisine in ways that will satisfy the worldliest of appetites.

Costa Rica’s premier English-language magazine delivers all this and much more on business, lifestyle and other topics.

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