When you are looking for a professional realtor, real estate agent, real estate broker…… It is important to know who you are doing business with “especially in a foreign country”. Quoting Linda Gray, owner/broker of Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties: “Having enjoyed a number of extensive careers we were ready to discover and enjoy the lifestyle offered in Costa Rica! We are excited about sharing and promoting the fabulous lifestyle and real estate investment opportunities available. If you are looking for a creative and colorful environment and have an expansive vision and attitude about new investment horizons,  CONTACT US. 

In U.S. (949) 344-1986  Toll free 1-877-589-0539

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Linda Gray and Jim Gray, Owners and Brokers

With our professional experience, education and parenting background — married 45 years, four children, five grandchildren — we can better understand the diversified needs of our clients who may be looking for a family home, villa, condo, commercial venture, business opportunity or retirement property. Linda is a woman with unshakable inner strength and a continuous fighting spirit. Linda and Jim were among the real estate pioneers in Playas del Coco and surrounding areas. The Coco office has been operating for more than 22 years. Linda is VP of the Coldwell Banker Costa Rica Master Franchise and was a broker with Coldwell Banker in Laguna Beach, California.


Cynthia Ureña, Agent

Cynthia is a native of Costa Rica, originally from the far north — Pital — where it rains constantly. She was happy to relocate in 2006 to the northwest beach communities, residing in Playas Del Coco. She is fluent in English and Spanish. She has eight years of real estate experience in the areas of contract review, escrow services, marketing and sales transactions. Her formal education includes computer technology, computer engineering and business administration.


Team Velez: Tony and Anna Velez

Tony and Anna moved to Costa Rica from northern Alberta, Canada to pursue a healthy lifestyle, enjoy the warm climate all year round and raise their children. Tony started traveling to the Rich Coast in the ‘90s, when so little land was developed. Anna fell in love with Costa Rica on their family vacation in 2011 and decided “this would be home.” Between the two, they speak English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Ukrainian and Polish. Anna has just won a recognition from Coldwell Banker World for being one of the most efficient salespeople in 2021.


Mélissa Rivet, Consulting Concierge Referral Associate

Mélissa is French Canadian and speaks perfect English and Spanish, in addition to her first language, French. Having visited Costa Rica 10 years ago, she fell in love with “her” beauty, tranquility, friendly people and the great aquatic recreational activities available to all. Coco became her destination residence. She enjoys sharing the Coco lifestyle with the clients she serves on the Hibiscus 48’ sailing catamaran located in Playa Ocotal. Additionally, Mélissa, with prior experience, offers concierge and tour consultation services to tourists and local residents desiring to share their sailing experience with family and friends.


Kenneth Roqhuett and Maria Lourdes Meneses

Ken recently joined the Coldwell Banker team in Playas Del Coco as a consultant, along with his partner, Maria Lourdes. Ken comes from a variety of backgrounds, including engineering, marketing and aviation operations. He served 12 years in the U.S. Army as a helicopter pilot. He holds a B.S. in electrical engineering and a master’s degree in aviation operations. Maria has vast experience in marketing and sales. Since 2016, she has been working closely with residential and commercial real estate services, hotels, and private property owners providing helicopter and plane charters and tours through her own aviation company. She holds a B.S. in hotel management and a master’s degree in business administration.


Gary Hammond and Yisael

Gary lived in Alaska and commercial-fished in the Bering Sea, Gulf of Alaska, Cook Inlet and  Bristol Bay for over 20 years — everything from salmon, halibut and black cod to shrimp and all species of Alaska crab. His most recent fishing adventure was the 2021 Bering Sea snow crab season. Gary moved to Costa Rica in 2006 and worked for Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties until 2010, when he was offered a rotational job (three weeks on, three weeks off) in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay oilfield. He has given up the oilfield to be home full-time with his Latina wife and two young children. He is fluent in both English and Spanish, and has integrated into the local community.


Mike Poynton

Originally from Chicago, Mike moved to Costa Rica in 2005. He offers real estate clients his extensive experience in both real estate sales and marketing. He also has knowledge of construction concepts, having been an architect in Chicago. After researching real estate company options, he decided to join the Coldwell Banker Coast to Coast Properties team. Mike is married to a “local girl” from Playa Hermosa and they have a son and daughter. He is fluent in Spanish and describes himself as a “tree-hugger and fitness freak.” His passions are beaches, sunsets, puppies, snakes and ice-cold beer. His hobbies include gardening and taking photographs.

Arrecifes Condo

Price: $ 215,000

2 Bedrooms, 2 Baths

Living Area: 1.237 Sq. Ft.

Town: Playas del Coco

Corona del Mar

Price: $ 299,000

Bedrooms 2, 1 Bath

Living Area: 93 Sq. feet

Town: Playas del Coco

Villa Compound Sleepy Cove

Price: $ 985,000

5 Bedrooms, 6 Baths

Living Area: 5.382 Sq. Ft.

Town: Playas del Coco

Beach Front Lot

Price: $ 1,100,000

Living Area: 0.93 Acres.

Playas del Coco

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