Bula Bula Your Perfect Escape Plan

Bula Bula Your Perfect Escape Plan

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If you find yourself traveling to Guanacaste for the first or maybe the tenth time, you’ll note the incredible number of restaurants and other eateries that exist. Food is so prevalent in the Tamarindo/Playa Grande vicinity that travelers could spend most of their vacation dining their way through the area. Having said that, not all restaurants or dining experiences are created equal. One of them that stands out above the rest is The Great Waltini’s, inside Hotel Bula Bula in Playa Grande.

A unique aspect of this restaurant, if you are coming from the Tamarindo area, is that restaurant-goers can take a boat across the wildlife-abundant estuary to get to Hotel Bula Bula. This awesome ride almost acts as its own appetizer for the fabulous food that awaits when you reach the shores of the hotel.

the great waltini's restaurant inside hotel bulu bulu playa grande

Bula Bula means happy-happy,
but the word bula can also mean hello
or goodbye.


The menu itself in The Great Waltini’s is described as a “fusion of the Americas,” melding California fresh with Gulf Coast cajun and New England seafood. From St. Louis style pork ribs to Annie’s salad with a fusion of blackened chicken breast, avocados, veggies and some of the freshest salad greens you can find, the menu is packed full of flavors. The flavors don’t stop there. By far, The Great Waltini’s is worth the trip just for the house-made desserts, the best we’ve ever had in Costa Rica.

The true escape comes with some of The Great Waltini’s most amazing treats that most restaurants don’t offer. One of the best times to visit is Monday night, for the all-you-care-to-eat Mexican buffet. For $15 you get a wonderful array of delicious Mexican dishes, as well as happy hour prices on the bartender’s spectacular margaritas. The same goes for Wednesday night’s all-you-care-to-eat Italian buffet, loaded up with carbs and finished off with those amazing desserts. This is no place to count calories; instead it is about escaping and enjoying the views, trip and dining experience. Another special treat that this hideaway offers is that restaurant guests can come any day and enjoy the refreshing pool and amenities. Come for lunch and stay for the whole day!

mexican buffet night bulu bulu playa grande

Are you looking for a longer-term escape plan? “Bula Bula” is Fijian and actually has a few different meanings. In the case of this resort, Bula Bula means “happy-happy,” but the word “bula” can also mean hello or goodbye. This is apt for Hotel Bula Bula at this time, because the current owners are saying goodbye by putting this remarkable piece of paradise on the market for sale.

“It’s a definite life experience,” said Wally Beck, owner and operator. Beck is one of the original owners of the hotel and restaurant and has been running it successfully for the last 18 years. When asked what originally drew him to the Guanacaste region and Playa Grande in general, he simply said it was “the vibe.”

Getting out of the rat race is the one constant that seemingly drives people’s decision to become an expat: removing oneself from the day-to-day minutiae of commuting to the same place, working many hours and then returning home only to do it again the next day. While there are those who enjoy that existence, some of us believe that life is simply too short. If you are reading this and think you’re one of the latter, there’s a reason that Costa Rica is first on so many expat lists.

Beck and many like him are all-too-familiar with the trepidation and fear that can be related to drastically changing one’s life and taking a leap of faith to do something different. “You just gotta cut the string,” he said, meaning of course that despite the unknown, it’s worth it to forge ahead anyway. “I’m still enjoying life, loving Costa Rica,” he said.

Beck went on to add that Playa Grande, where the property is located, is a gated community in between two national parks, Las Baulas and Tamarindo Estero.

One of the great benefits of buying into the country of Costa Rica through an opportunity like Bula Bula is it would allow the new owner to apply for residency. This privilege comes with great dividends, including not having to leave the country every 90 days, which is part of Costa Rica’s immigration and tourism policy.

If you are looking to take advantage of the Hotel Bula Bula opportunity, Beck says it would best be suited to someone with restaurant and hotel experience. Nevertheless, he is willing to stay on temporarily in order to ensure a smooth transition and to train the new owner so they can continue running the tight ship that has been sailing along for 18 years.

delicious food at hotel bulu bulu

If you are simply a traveler and want to enjoy a fabulous meal and what is widely considered to be the best margaritas around, The Great Waltini’s in Hotel Bula Bula is waiting for you. After a few drinks, you just might gain the confidence to come and live with the rest of us expats.

See you soon.


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