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Costa Rica: Through the Lens

We have amazing artists in Costa Rica. This special October edition of Howler, “Costa Rica Through the Lens,” highlights many of the talented photographers throughout the country.    READ MORE

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Mario Peraza

Costa Rican-born producer, photographer, artist and filmmaker Mario Peraza is one of Latin America’s most prominent voices. His imagery captures dreamlike sequences that  … READ MORE

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The Adventures Continue

We often say you have been bitten by the Costa Rica bug, and after that there is no hope to go anywhere else. READ MORE

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October 2021 Howler E-mag – Issuu Online Highlights


We could not be more excited about this special October 2021 edition of Howler: Costa Rica Through the Lens! Sit back, relax and prepare to be amazed by what you see on a series of journeys unlike any you have ever taken. Even if you have visited some of the locales or are familiar with certain subjects captured in our magazine pages this month, the uniquely artistic perspectives can never be replicated exactly the same way.

Conceived and brought to life by Howler’s Creative and Art Director, Terry Carlile, our visual showcase features stunning images created by some of Costa Rica’s most talented photographers and multimedia artists. The range of subject matter will dazzle and delight you, with surprises at every page turn. And that’s why we’re not going to give anything away here in the way of clues about the natural landscapes, interior backdrops, still life forms, human faces or wildlife creatures awaiting your gaze.

We’re also pleased to let you know that this Howler issue will be available for on-demand printing for anyone wanting printed copies.