Many of us have heard the stories. CBD is huge right now. It’s amazing. We should put it in everything. From CBD Mac ‘n’ Cheese to CBD tooth picks, the ubiquity of CBD happened almost overnight. Thanks to this, there are plenty of crazy CBD-infused products. But one that stands out as particularly useful is in our skin care. 

Skin care and CBD coming together may be one of the most interesting disruptions and innovations to the skin care space in quite some time. But what if you don’t know much about CBD, or even skin care for that matter, where do you begin? With bloggers and influencers pulling attention in every direction, what’s true and what isn’t? After years researching the CBD space, we assembled a team that includes an experienced compound pharmacist to share what we know about CBD skin care, and what we’ve learned along the way about how to find and choose the best quality products for yourself.

What is it?

What is CBD you might ask? CBD, or cannabidiol, is a naturally occurring molecule found in the cannabis sativa plant. It interacts with the already-existing biological endocannabinoid system of the human body. This system includes endocannabinoid receptors that can absorb the CBD compound. Essentially CBD relaxes things. So skin care products with CBD not only deliver on typical skin care benefits as expected, but they also have the potential to deliver added benefits like reducing inflammation and alleviating irritation. CBD skin care can now impart soothing and calming effects in an active ingredient that is naturally recognizable to the skin. 

But why put it in skin care?

When thinking about skin care, many of us are trying to alleviate skin conditions and irritations — anything from blemishes to dry skin to eczema. In fact, almost all skin diseases and conditions involve inflammation of the skin cells. Since CBD is directly absorbed through the endocannabinoid system, it can help calm these conditions and irritations in the skin. 

The human body is inherently designed to receive the CBD molecule, so it seems almost intuitive to add CBD to skin care. But that’s not the end of the CBD story. CBD is also being researched extensively and continues to show that it has a wide variety of exciting and potentially beneficial properties, including blemish relief and the exfoliation of dead skin cells. 

An emerging finding also seems to be that CBD has antioxidant properties. Why does this matter? Antioxidants help prevent and even stop the damage done by free radicals in the human body, whether found in the skin or inside the body. Because of this, and numerous additional benefits still being explored, this unique active ingredient can absolutely support the health and wellness of your skin.

Tips for first-time CBD skin care buyers 

There is sometimes complicated jargon associated with CBD. So we thought we could cut through the buzzwords. Here are some tips to ensure that you are getting a good quality product, and not a bottle of snake oil. 

  1. Look at the back of any skin care label and try to find other active ingredients besides CBD oil. Great skin care products need to be rich in quality nutrients, and CBD is best served when coupled with other anti-aging ingredients. Also, if the first ingredient listed in your skin care product is water know that you’re probably purchasing a really weak formula because ingredients are listed by weight.
  2. CBD is not the same as hemp oil. In fact, many hemp oils contain no CBD at all. So if you want a skin care product with CBD, make sure it lists CBD in the ingredient deck and also pay attention to the actual dosage. 100 mg. or more of CBD is going to work harder for you than a skin care product with a token amount of the ingredient.
  3. Check the source. As CBD is still trending and new, it has been difficult to regulate. However, name brand stores like CVS, Bed Bath and Beyond, and others are now offering CBD skin care products. These are a safer bet to get started, because these retailers typically have a stricter vetting process.
  4. Beware of homemade brands. It is difficult to know where they have sourced their CBD and even more difficult to know what else is in the products. Smaller brands also have a harder time making a product consistently from batch to batch.
  5. CBD extracted from organically grown hemp plants is best because the hemp plant pulls everything up from the soil, including bad things like pesticides and heavy metals. Insist on CBD derived from organically-grown hemp plants. Colorado hemp growers are industry leaders in this regard. At Mox, we use a potent dose of CBD isolate sourced from reputable and local Colorado companies to provide a high level of quality and consistency to our customers. And we combine that dose with high levels of vitamins and minerals.

Skin care is about listening to your body and seeing the results in your own skin to find what works for you. When it comes to good skin care, your products should be healing the skin, not covering up unhealthy skin temporarily. Don’t be afraid to expect more from your skin care regimen. If a product isn’t making you look and feel healthy, move on. 

Peter Murane is a founder of the CBD skin care company, Mox Mind + Body.

He can be reached at