Mission Statement:
Using theatre to help enhance the overall emotional growth of an individual by building self confidence and self esteem. To provide professional instruction in a positive environment where each actor is valued.
Beachnuts Theatre Company Presents the Production of Frozen
  • What is included with my Participation?
  • 28 Weeks of Professional training in Acting
  • 20 Weeks of Professionally choreographed dance instruction
  • 28 Weeks of Voice lessons and learning to read music
  • Articulation and Voice Projection
  • Improvisation
  • All Aspects of Theatre Etiquette
  • Opportunity to Perform in a live theatre production
  • Learning to work together in a team environment towards a common goal; providing the community with a quality, professional theatre production
  • Best of All….. Making Memories that last a lifetime!
Director- Paul Belanger:
Paul has been involved in theatre for over 35 years. He founded Cowichan Kids Theatre Company and worked for Red Room Studio preparing children for professional theatre and film. He has acted, directed and performed in over 200 productions for the past thirty-five years and is excited about directing the 23rd production of the Beachnuts Theatre Company.
Musical Director~Kristi Asper Akin
  • Musical Director of 16 Beachnuts’ productions 2011 – Present
  • Beach Nuts Community Theatre Group.
  • Worship Leader, Singer and Keyboard Player, 2001-Present
  • Beach Community Church, Brasilito, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
  • Music/Drama Teacher at Various Schools through the years CDSG, Omaha NE
Choreographers – Ava and Hunter Jacobs
Ava and Hunter are passionate dancers that have dedicated hours of dance at Elevate Movement studio where they have had the opportunity to study with different teachers from around the world. They have participated in many choreography projects some of them being for dance shows and competition. They are excited to work with Beachnuts theater to have new choreography experiences.

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Parking is in the new parking of the church (no parking on the road). We will have people directing traffic.

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