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Costa Rican-born producer, photographer, artist and filmmaker Mario Peraza is one of Latin America’s most prominent voices. His imagery captures [...]

Hazel Montenegro

Hazel will be our featured artist in November Howler.    Hazel Montenegro is a Costa Rican producer, visual storyteller, photographer, [...]

Britt Coffee

THE HISTORY OF GOURMET COFFEE Costa Rica has produced one of the best coffees in the world for over a [...]

Day Three Botanicals

Day Three Botanicals was created while exploring alternative treatments for epilepsy, chronic pain, and inflammation.  Day Three was founded by [...]

National Symbols of Costa Rica

Discover your travel and adventure deals There is nothing arbitrary or spontaneous about the declaration of a national symbol. The [...]

Costa Rica’s Flag: Proudly Waved, Carried and Worn

{{ vc_btn: title=ORDER+COSTA+RICAN+COFFEE+DELIVERED+TO+YOUR+DOOR+AT+THIS+LINK&style=3d&shape=round&color=pink&size=lg&align=center&button_block=true& }} BEST COSTA RICA ADVENTURE DEALS Costa Rica's Flag: Proudly Waved, Carried and Worn.  There is nothing [...]

Considering Relocating to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica Legal Due Diligence Seminars If you are an expat who is interested in understanding the pure legal facts [...]

Beautiful Birds of Costa Rica


Fernán Salazar: Fusions of Artistic Talent

Reflections of light cascading through shards of glass present multi-dimensional motivation for Costa Rican artist Fernán Salazar.   "In creating art, [...]

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What Circle Of Hell Is This?

Originally published by Mango Musings in May 2021 The circle of life so often depicted on the National Geographic Channel [...]

Death and Dying in Costa Rica

Adapted by author October 2015 Funeral and burial practices in Costa Rica differ widely from those of western cultures. As [...]

Museums of Costa Rica

Not surprisingly, Costa Rica’s abundance of nature-infused riches tends to eclipse its indoor attractions. This leaves much about the nature [...]

Colorful Expressions

Figures of Speech Figured Out Learn Spanish in Costa Rica. Here are some phrases that can be useful when living [...]

Wheels to the World – Ox cart of bygone era a cultural treasure today

Wheels to the World - Ox cart of bygone era a cultural treasure today: Although its golden age in Costa [...]

Guaitil: The Real Deal

Written by Debbie Bride & Marian Paniagua To be sure, the tiny village of Guaitil is off the beaten path, [...]

What is Höwler?

Let’s start with what it’s NOT. This is not pop, this is not tourist music, this isn’t Cocaine or Sweet [...]

Jaime Koss – Magic in His Hands

From a very young age, Jaime Koss’s visual interpretations have been deeply influenced by his remarkable ability to view life [...]

José Eduardo and the Magic Goose

A True Costa Rican Fable:  Much has been written about 2020 … the good and the bad memories of a […]

Rancho Shadday

La Cocina de Doña Marta As one of the most developed beach towns in Costa Rica, Jacó bustles — always […]

Allan Murillo Drawing What Comes Naturally

"I thought I was in deep trouble when my second-grade teacher demanded a conference with my mother," remembers Costa Rican [...]

Easy As Pie In Costa Rica

Adapted from the book Temporary Insanity — Costa Rica: My Way, chapter 4   On my first full day in [...]

The Detour: Turning the Tide

We are pleased to announce the recent release of a book by one of Howler’s own periodic contributors, Ben Harris. [...]

Important Corner of Jacó Gets the Love it Deserves

On a short, nondescript road in Jacó, you can find the post office, police station, government offices and the CCSS [...]

Fatiniza a World-Class Act

When I see them singing, I know they love my music and that is the biggest thing for me.

Tamales at Your Table

Timeless Tico Ingredient for Holiday Celebrations Tamales are a traditional dish almost everywhere in Latin America, and distinctive methods of [...]

Museum Frida Kahlo

An hour before closing time, culminating my whirlwind one-day art tour focusing on Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo, I arrived […]

Chasing Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo Across Borders

(Versión en Español a continuación) Years ago I was a columnist for a Minneapolis neighborhood newspaper. My column allowed me […]

Chavela Vargas

Indomitable Non-Conformist Ahead of Her Time María Isabel Anita Carmen de Jesús Vargas Lizano, better known as Chavela Vargas, Mexican […]

Latin American Art

Celebration of a Cross-Cultural Legacy The arts are one of the most important connecting fabrics joining cultures across time and […]

A Breath of Fresh Air

Danny Herrara and Artify Jacó Born in the Caribbean province of Limón, Costa Rican artist Danny Alexander Herrera Batista lived […]

New Hobby Sculpted from Beach Driftwood Finds

New Hobby Sculpted from Beach Driftwood Finds Within the unclouded silver linings to emerge from the darkness of COVID-19 in [...]

Legends of Atenas

A legend is a folktale, often historically grounded, that changes with each “I swear this is true” retelling. Small towns, [...]


The Telenovela A Guilty Pleasure Telenovela baddies require incredible acting skill not to evoke laughter at their dastardly deeds.   […]

Jalil El Harrar

Spanish below Jalil El Harrar  Capturing The Dance Behind The Lens of Jacó Photographer Jalil El Harrar is a German […]

Artist Gilberto Aquino Pérez SP/EN

The Artistic Language of Gilberto Aquino Pérez Inspiration Finds Him Working Daily   Whirls of rich colors and amazing textures [...]

Blog If You Dare

Blog…If You Dare Recently, I logged onto an expat blog where a woman innocently inquired about a future trip to […]

All roads lead to Atenas

  Mary Martin Mason was born under a nomadic star, leading her to grow up with several families, to cross […]

Hidden Garden Art Gallery

The Best of Guanacaste Expressed Through Art Featured photo “Dia de la Lava Ropes,” Artist: Susan Adams   Guanacaste is […]

Steve Bakunas

Steve Bakunas Where Creative Energy Meets Philanthropy By Mike Shannon Rarely a person come along that has an immediate positive […]