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Jaco & Guanacaste Regionals

Wow -
25 years!

Editorial by John Quam, thanking the advertising partners who make Howler possible for a worldwide audience.

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Time Line

See the highlights of May issues for the last 25 years. Plus some key world events during those months.

& Adventure

Gyrocopter Girl’s flying and kite surfing

How Well Do You Know Costa Rica?

Can you identify these 11 locations?

Entangled in Costa Rica: do they rescue the whale?

The Elusive Rufous-Vented Ground-Cuckoo


Robert August’s

introduction to Tamarindo in 1991


Surfing Tamarindo

Tide Chart

Arts, Culture
& Entertainment

Guatil: The Real Deal

Authentic made crafts, what incredible products they produce!

What is Höwler?

Learn about this San Jose thrash band.

Pura Vida

Discover why Theo loves his location and work in Costa Rica in this “Trading Paradises” story.

Yoga: Ustrasana – Camel Pose


HOA Law in Costa Rica, Condominium or Residencial? Know the Difference

Buying Real Estate in Costa Rica: The Basics
Be One Step Ahead: Major areas to check for your business

Howler TV

Now listen to selected Howler articles in their entirety.

Some available in Spanish.

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May 2021 Howler E-mag – Issuu Online Highlights Text

Happy anniversary Howler! This month’s e-magazine finds us celebrating with a silver-themed journey down memory lane. Join us in a retrospective look back from May1996, when founding publisher David Mills believed Tamarindo was ready for the community-focused publication he had in mind. His instincts were soon proved correct, and then some. We hope you enjoy this fun blast from the past as much as we did putting it together.

With the monikers Tamarindo and Robert August being practically synonymous, we decided the timing was also right to revisit the story of how that came to be. Tamarindo is also this month’s Surf Spot, to round out our Surfing CR section.

Howler’s ACE section takes you much further back in history to the pre-Columbian legacy of Chorotega pottery, and the artisans of Guaitil who keep it alive. A decidedly more modern artistic spotlight shines on Höwler — no relation to monkeys or this magazine, but rather a band we think unfamiliar readers will want to hear more about.

More discoveries await in Travel & Adventure, including a featured adventure about a global adventurer, Gyrocopter Girl, who found herself captivated by Costa Rica while soaring above its magnificent landscapes. And speaking of landscapes, you can test your own knowledge of 11 different panoramic vistas in a photographic quiz designed for that very purpose. Learn more about the rarely seen rufous-vented ground cuckoo, introduced in last month’s Howler story about its celebrity-status sighting at a remote Pocosol forest station. 

Entangled in Costa Rica tells the story within a story of a unique collaboration between media production and ocean conservation specialists, The Vegan Pirates and Innoceana. Together they recently chronicled the rescue of two humpback whales caught in a deadly tangle of fishing lines near Isla del Caño.  The resulting documentary short film, already chosen for film festival screenings in San Francisco and New York, aims to raise awareness about this serious global threat to vulnerable marine creatures. 

Anniversary Editorial:

I am proud to announce that the Howler has achieved the milestone of 25 years of publishing. This has been quite a journey, as David Mills will tell you. And after my purchase of the magazine in 2016 and carrying the torch he lit, I can certainly relate as a part of this journey.

In the words of Robert August, “The Howler has always been a great part of our community.”

The history of the Howler is deep, and it has been a staple in the community over this time period. As it grew from its inception of a four-page copy paper edition to its current state, the publication has covered so many things in Costa Rica and the communities it serves. 

David Mills started it all in 1996, seeing the need for a Tamarindo-based community publication. He knew how important it was to have something that telegraphs all the interesting things surrounding the people who live and do business in this vibrant place. A publication with that kind of people-centered content is literally a backbone of a community. Having that voice and being that voice is part of what makes a community. Publishers around the world have always known this, and created publications within their surroundings.
But for Howler’s story to still be unfolding after 25 years is what makes it special. Many publications in Tamarindo have come and gone over the years. It certainly is not easy to create this production every month, but it is a labor of love. The creation and work that goes into this is monumental. I know how important it is to be able to express what Costa Rica is all about. To be a part of bringing people from other places around the world to our reality, virtually, and allowing them to plan their travels here is so rewarding! Costa Rica is on many people’s bucket list.

I am often stopped by people who tell me they have every one of the past Howler issues. You cannot believe how happy that makes me, knowing that the printed product has been kept by our readers and not thrown away. 

Starting a year ago with the May 2020 e-magazine, we have taken the Howler to a digital platform. The response from outside our borders has been tremendous. The reach we have is growing, and showing the world through our articles and the video content the rich details and nuances of what Costa Rica offers. It is so important that we remain relevant and continue inviting and encouraging people to visit here, as many other countries are vying for the tourist dollars. 

Every month I get email, texts and calls from readers telling me how much they enjoy the Howler. I receive requests from around the world for more information, and also help with issues relating to living or traveling in here. Our reach to the world is broad, and It is much easier for me to list the countries that don’t engage with us than the multitude that do. I look at our reach map and even see readers in Latvia, Moldova, Monaco, Dubai, Madagascar and more, extending to every continent. 

In 2020 and 2021 we launched a regional print edition of Howler for Jacó and also Guanacaste. These are more of community-based publications and regionally delivered. They have been well received. Even though these are smaller versions of the 100-page magazine we published in the past, they are growing and people are keeping copies.

I want to take a moment and thank those who have supported Howler and continue to support us. I have had clients let me know that they are in with us, always, because they realise how important it is to have the magazine’s continued presence in our community. And yes … to Robert August’s statement — it is a part of the community. 

The Howler is grown up.

The Howler itself will remain a digital publication, and as you can see the title line has changed to HOWLER INTERNATIONAL Costa Rica to the World. 

Our list of publications is growing. 

  • The quarterly Spanish edition is developing a great following. We found that it was important to include the whole country of readers in the community Howler is part of. 
  • The regional Jacó and Guanacaste magazines are the offspring of the Howler that are currently in print. 
  • Our expansion in the next few months will add regionals in the Arenal, South Pacific, Central Valley and the Caribbean areas. 
  • Launch of our digital version is bringing articles to life in narrated and video publications.
  • Private magazines for hotels and real estate businesses have been well received. This is a great opportunity for them to have their own publication and engage their clients in a new way.
  • Coming soon — HOWLER TV. I will not reveal any more about this right now. But be assured it is something that will be very exciting!

I am very grateful to my associates who are so dedicated to their work. Also a big thank you to the multitude of writers and photographers over the years who have contributed wonderful articles and photos that are the backbone of the Howler.

I want to thank the Jacó and Guanacaste communities for their support. We exist because of our supporters and those who realize that a voice like this is important. It’s something that puts us in the eyes of the world and draws them to us. 

Thank you for your continued support!

Here’s to the next 25 years.

Costa Rica is home to many great resorts. But to spend a week hunkered down in a cabana by the pool at a coastal resort on the rich coast is tantamount to drinking champagne out of a paper cup — you are missing the very essence of the experience. For this reason, the vacation rental market has brought Costa Rica tourism to a new level. You can enjoy the full gamut of experiences this country has to offer, at a fraction of the cost of a resort. Not only has this created an explosion in the tourism sector, it has boosted real estate investment as well. 

The increased income potential from today’s ease of app-based renting, and a new level of comfort in doing so, has also brought a new level of confidence to owners who were previously hesitant to rent their properties.

The hot market is not just limited to real estate sales, for those same digital nomads are filling up the long-term rental market as well. A large number of long-term renters are families who are taking advantage of the many quality international schools in the area. This makes taking the family to paradise not only doable, but quite an attractive option! It’s a definite bonus for the college resume, as many schools are often looking for something that sets you apart from the rest of the crowd. 

As iPhones, Androids, and Zoom invade the jungle and the beach, the demand in the real estate market simmers like coffee on a campfire. The good news is, while prices in Costa Rica are often higher than other parts of Central America, few places can match the quality of life and infrastructure at the cost of life in Puravidaville. 

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